ADB Fastboot method will not work on Android Lollipop



ADB Fastboot method will not work on Android Lollipop . There are a lot of rumors that ADB Fastboot method wont be useful on new android roll out known as “Lollipop”. Few lucky people who were able to get android  lollipop have stated that ADB Fastboot method is not currently working on their phones. For those who dont know what is ADB Fastboot then read below:

Fastboot is a demonstrative convention included with the SDK bundle utilized basically to adjust the glimmer filesy stem by means of a USB association from host machine. It obliges that the gadget be begun in a boot loader or Second Program Loader mode in which just the most essential fittings introduction is performed. In the wake of empowering the convention on the gadget itself, it will acknowledge a particular set of charges sent to it by means of USB utilizing an order line. Probably the most normally utilized fastboot orders incorporate.

streak – changes a segment with a double picture put away on the host machine

delete – eradicates a particular part

reboot – reboots the gadget into either the primary working framework, the framework recuperation parcel or go into its bootloader

gadgets – shows a rundown of all gadgets (with the serial number) associated with the host machine

group – forms a particular parcel; the record arrangement of the part must be perceived by

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