Abu Dhabi School of Management: A Leading Institution

UAEAbu Dhabi School of Management: A Leading Institution

Abu Dhabi School of Management

In the bustling heart of the United Arab Emirates, nestled amongst an architectural tapestry that blends tradition with modernity, lies an educational beacon known as the Abu Dhabi School of Management. Not just an institution, it’s a launchpad for tomorrow’s business leaders, harnessing the UAE’s innovative spirit and fusing it with a globally minded curriculum. This is more than a school; it’s a stepping stone to success, an incubator of ideas, and a crucible where ambition meets opportunity. Welcome to the Abu Dhabi School of Management. Here, your future is only limited by your imagination.


  • Introduction to Abu Dhabi School of Management (ADSM)
  • Details about ADSM’s partnership with Imperial College Business School
  • Overview of Master’s Programs offered at ADSM
  • Faculty and Teaching Methods at ADSM
  • Accreditation and Recognition of ADSM
  • ADSM’s Commitment to Student Success
  • FAQ about ADSM’s Programs and Admission Process
  • Conclusion

ADSM’s Partnership with Imperial College Business School

One of ADSM’s significant highlights is its partnership with the famous Imperial College Business School in London. This strategic alliance allows the MBA program to harmoniously blend insights and knowledge from two of the world’s most dynamic cities, creating a transformative educational experience for the students.

Overview of Master’s Programs at ADSM

ADSM offers various master’s programs, each tailored to equip professionals with industry-required skills and knowledge. These include the Master of Science in Quality and Business Excellence and the Master of Science in Leadership and Organizational Development. The former is designed with the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Awards and aims to enhance efficiency and competitiveness in a complex business environment. The latter focuses on nurturing strategic leadership and organizational development roles in public and private entities.

Faculty and Teaching Methods at ADSM

Abu Dhabi School of Management
The faculty at ADSM, comprising locally and internationally recruited academics, boasts extensive teaching, business, and industry experience. In collaboration with the Imperial College Business School faculty, these experts provide students with a stimulating, practice-based academic environment that strongly emphasizes innovation and entrepreneurship. Moreover, ADSM maintains small class sizes to meet individual learning needs adequately.

Accreditation and Recognition of ADSM

ADSM’s credibility is further fortified, as all its academic programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education–Higher Education Affairs through the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA). This recognition ensures that students receive a high-quality, internationally standardized education.

ADSM’s Commitment to Student Success

Abu Dhabi School of Management
ADSM aims to develop strategic leaders who proactively seek solutions to global issues. Its graduates are highly talented, proficient in the latest management techniques, and equipped to innovate, improve, and enhance their environments. Whether their path leads them to a start-up venture, a large corporation, or a government entity, ADSM graduates are ready to excel and reach their goals.


1. What are the tuition fees at ADSM?

The tuition fees at ADSM range from AED 110,000 to AED 135,000.

2. What is the staff strength at ADSM?

ADSM boasts a team of 30 highly qualified staff members.

3. Is ADSM a co-educational institution?

Yes, ADSM follows a co-education model, welcoming both male and female students.

4. Who leads ADSM?

ADSM is currently under the able leadership of Dr. Abdullah Abonamah.

5. Are ADSM’s programs internationally recognized?

All academic programs at ADSM have local and international recognition, ensuring wide acceptance of its degrees.


Choosing the right institution for postgraduate education is a significant decision. ADSM, with its strong emphasis on innovation, leadership, and quality, its strategic partnership with the Imperial College Business School, its skilled faculty, its accredited programs, and its commitment to student success, stands as an ideal choice. Its graduates are well-equipped to lead, innovate and succeed in any business environment, making ADSM an investment in a bright future.

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