Abdullah wants US to continue its support for Afghanistan

Abdullah wants US to continue its support for Afghanistan


KABUL, Afghanistan: The Afghan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah has said that he expects the United States to continue its support for Afghanistan as his nation still needs America’s support to overcome some serious challenges.

“As the lead country supporting Afghanistan, while we appreciate their support, the job is not done completely,” Abdullah said while talking to CBS News.

“The main job is for the Afghans to do it, but our partners are also expected to continue their support in a line with their commitments,” the Afghan presidential candidate said.

Abdullah said that the continued support is especially important for the country’s business community because reinvigorating investment from both within and abroad will be crucial going forward.

The presidential candidate acknowledged there are many hurdles to that though. “There are also security issues and issues of rule of law and issues of corruption.”

“These are the challenges that we have to overcome in order for confidence to be restored. I’m optimistic. Hopefully for the sake of the interests of Afghanistan we prove it.”

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