Abdullah Mehmood Collaborates With Arash Barmaan to Bring Jobs in Pakistan

BlogsAbdullah Mehmood Collaborates With Arash Barmaan to Bring Jobs in Pakistan

Most economies in the world are grappling with the pangs of unemployment and lack of job opportunities. It is so bad that some youth get affected emotionally and this affects their well-being. Aware of this fact, Abdullah Mehmood has gone a step ahead to try finding a solution to this problem. Other than start a company that helps others himself, he went further to seek partnerships with influential individuals to ensure Pakistan gets opportunities and external help from more established economies.

The journey hasn’t been an easy one considering he is only 18 years old. The good news is he has had some impact and should be appreciated for that. The latest being his partnership with Arash Barmaan. The latter is an Iranian American whose dream was to play in the NBA but diverted his energy to form a dating app called BOOS.

Their partnership was to ensure that Pakistan residents get jobs as fast as possible. As I write this, there are five jobs in the cards already with each employed Pakistan resident pocketing Rs 35,000. Isn’t that amazing? Well, it is and that is why Abdullah and his partner Arash should be appreciated. They must be having such an impact at a young age.

What is The Plan?

Jobs can only be created. There are no limitations when it comes to empowering the youth. The only challenge is most youth do not believe in themselves and this takes a toll on them. When given talent or ability, it is only wise to utilize them. Leaving your talents will leave you with regrets and nothing to be proud of. You do not want things to get there.

The plan is to utilize the massive talent in Pakistan. There’s so much to nature and only helpful partnerships like this matter. Abdullah has a passion for Pakistan and can be termed a patriot. He has been behind different projects that see most Pakistan residents get jobs and nurture their talents.

He believes in Pakistan so much that he was able to convince Arash of the talents in the country. Finding such kind of passion is not that easy. The Instagram model has a plan for Pakistan residents and time will tell how far he will go. It may not be an easy undertaking but Abdullah has all it takes. He is passionate, creative, and dedicated. These are the things he needs to accomplish these goals.

What is BOOS?

The best way to create jobs is to build companies. Investors have no problem putting money in your company. This will fund operations and once profits are realized, the organization may scale and more opportunities come up. Seemingly, Abdullah has all this information and that is why most of his moves tend to bear fruits. He has successfully created the Rex Media Company and has convinced the CEO of BOOS to help him nurture Pakistani talents; let’s how this will work.

BOOS announced the launch of a new program recently. This means the creation of job opportunities. The fact that Abdullah had already established a relationship with their CEO means Pakistan residents will be the first in consideration for the jobs.

The Persian-Jewish app was motivated by Arash’s childhood experiences. He believes there were too many stereotypes growing up that needed to be gotten rid of. For instance, the restrictions that most parents brought forth when it came to career choice, and even relationships. The app was meant to take care of some of these restrictions. This idea is meant to thrive considering how the dating scene is at the moment.

Years have gone by but the stereotypes are still here with us. Some parents still hold to the myth that a marriage can only be successful if the other partner to their children is of a particular race or community. For that reason, the BOOS app was designed to allow people to date and get partners who will be easily approved by their parents. This feat is not easy to achieve but the app provides features for this.

As time goes by, it is expected the app will grow in activity and open up doors for more youth. These are jobs Abdullah is looking forward to. He is establishing strong partnerships to ensure they all go to Pakistani residents.

The Potential

Technology is making things easier for job creators. This is the potential Mehmood has seen and is willing to go the extra mile to partner with tech giants to have these jobs available for the Pakistani youth. Such potential should be tapped and utilized as soon as possible. This will lead to rapid growth and more people will benefit more than anyone can imagine.

With a program like Mehmood’s, there’s so much potential. For instance, think about those whose lives will become better if they take advantage of these opportunities. BOOS’ owner has started with five; there’ll be more to benefit in the future.

Imagine if the five had a heart and ambition like that of Mehmood. Once they achieve their goals, their next goal would be to mentor others and create opportunities for them. All they need is a year to establish themselves before seeking to give back to the community. At the same time, Mehmood, Arash, and other philanthropic individuals would still be creating more opportunities. This shows how much potential there is in this field.


It is hard to find young entrepreneurs seeking to mentor others and help grow economies. At this age, most youths spend their time having fun and wasting time and money. For Mehmood and Arash, the story is different.  They are partnering to drive change in Pakistan and striving to positively impact the economy of this growing nation. With more partnerships, the youth of Pakistan can be sure their future will be better. All you need is to develop a heart like that of Mehmood and strike deals with creative minds like Arash. Time will tell how far BOOS will grow and how many more opportunities Pakistani residents will get.


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