A visit to Nestle’ Sheikhupura Plant – A Little Sneak Peak of Nestle Pakistan

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DSC_0062There is a saying in English “Seeing is Believing” and this factor is very important for a blogger while he is in the process of thinking and commenting on services standards and quality of products or companies.

There is no doubt that Nestle is one of the largest providers of consumer goods all over the world and claiming that it follows highest standards of quality products but my mind was in “processing” stage from believing something or seeing myself while I was traveling towards Nestle Sheikhupura dairy, juice and water factory for a factory visit.

I had many questions in my mind, some for asking to management and some for asking myself as a consumer of Nestle products.DSC_9221

Nestlé projects its mission statement of “positively influence the social environment in which we (Nestle) operate as responsible corporate citizens, with due regard for those environmental standards and societal aspirations which improve quality of life.”

Taking this Mission statement in my mind, I wished to compare reality at ground at its production unit.

At Sheikhupura dairy, juice and water factory, I was exposed to all stages of processing of dairy, juice and water and I was amazed to see that the entire process is extremely free of human touch to any product therefore ensuring high standards of hygiene.

I also learned that a team of specialist at the factory constantly carries out different tests on the collected milk to make sure that the milk has been collected from healthy animals to avoid any risk factor. They also make sure that the milk has no traces of antibiotic as many of the farmers in Pakistan sell out milk of those animals which are on antibiotic and thus, contaminated milk is available in open market. Almost 27 different quality tests are carried out on the milk before it is sent for processing.

After observing the operations and procedures at the factory, my personal exploration answered all the questions I had in mind before stepping inn.

At the end of my visit, I believe that Nestlé Pakistan subscribes fully to its vision of being the number one Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Company in Pakistan by having a dynamic, passionate and professional workforce and meeting the nutrition needs of consumers through an innovative portfolio of branded food and beverage products of the highest quality.DSC_9358

Nestle is operating in Pakistan since 1988. Currently Nestle is the largest supplier of packed dairy products Nestle made a gross turnover of 105 billion in 2014 after paying 10 billion as taxes while 7 billion as salaries and 7 billion to shareholders.

At the moment Nestle is working with approx 170,000 farmers, 1154 suppliers, operating 4 factories with the help pf 4000+ employees managing 25+ brands and dealing with 250,000 retailers which complete their supply chain for all the consumer end products like Milk Pack, FruitaVitals, Nestle Water etcskp factory 1

Nestlé Pakistan is serving the Pakistani consumers since 1988 and now also associates itself with approx 170,000 farmers in collecting milk and engages in a number of rural development programme for community development. Nestlé is the largest food and Beverages Company in the world and the Sheikhupura dairy, juice and water factory embodies Nestlé’s increased investment in Pakistan. As part of its plan to expand the production capacity in the country, Nestlé has been investing money continuously in factory expansion project to meet rising consumer demands. The existing Milk Powder Plant has now been modified with new technology and has an additional yearly capacity of 30,000 tons. The power generation capacity and waste water management system have also been upgraded and additional filling lines have been set up.

Asad Haroon
Asad Haroon
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