A letter from Ukraine

Dear Traveller,

Today, people of the world travel more and more. The most beautiful places for me are airports, railway stations and bus stations where you can meet young and old people hailing from different social backgrounds, countries, religions and even from different continents.

We have become more mobile with a dream to see more, to learn more and we ask each other where you were and we advise to visit that place where were we. To travel becomes not only pleasant, but also prestigious occupation.

There is one, but … of course, it concerns not everyone. Distant wanderings for some reason seem to us more intriguing. And what is far from us pulls us as a magnet. The warm countries, the sea, clean sand, the mountains and sharp air or the steppes … endlessly and edges. The world has everything for everyone.

If you are a traveler who wish to visit simple, friendly, intelligent and honest people then your destination must be my country— Ukraine.

I suggest all to arrive to us and to see our country, to get acquainted with us closer, to learn our traditions, to try our ethnic cuisine and to sing together our fine Ukrainian songs.

I have cleanest rivers on earth like Lomnitsa River (Лимныця) and I have the most beautiful mountains, yellow afternoons, red sky at dusk and hanging twinkle stars at nights.

Lying on stones, I find the answer that it is possible to listen to voice of Lomnitsa River indefinitely. The river relaxes me and tells about its long journey, beginning from clean sources on northern slopes of Mount Hora Bushtul in Gorganakh at the height of 1150 meters.

For those who loves mountains and the forest can visit Prikarpatye and the Carpathians. In winter time the largest ski resort of Ukraine Bukovel will please you with the routes and walking routes.

It is not advertizing, this simple desire to tell people whom I met or still I will meet, about that place where I live, about my country Ukraine which is an interesting place, with big cultural heritage, with history of victories and formation of independence.

I invite you to set your feet on an ancient land and to inhale mountain air.

My countryside is full of virgin land, cities have facilities of 21st century, airports are linked with the entire world and my trains offer you comfortable journeys to even smallest towns all over the country.

Are you ready to begin and endless journey with me? Still not? OK Let me show some of natural and virgin beauty of my countryside.

Let me show some photos of my small towns because people say that a photo speaks millions of word itself.

Let me drive you to Dzembronya (Ivano-Frankivsk Oblast), Mezyn (Chernihiv Oblast), Grushevka (Mykolaiv Oblast), Opishnya (Poltava Oblast), Iza (Zakarpattia Oblast), Rozgirche, Pidhirtsi and Pidkamin (Lviv Oblast), Bakota (Khmelnytskyi Oblast), Leski, (Odessa Oblast) and Zalishchyky (Ternopil Oblast).

Mezyn (Chernihiv Oblast)

My journey is yet not over. I will tell you more about my country—– Stay with me and keep reading my letters.

Sincerely waiting you,

Lesya Senishin

Central Desk
Central News Desk.

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