A historic visit to Beijing: Pakistan-China friendship is forever bonded

By Seymur Mamedov

On March 17, Pakistani President Arif Alvi paid a visit to China. The head of Pakistan and President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping held talks during the meeting.

It should be emphasized that the head of Pakistan made this visit in the conditions of a new type of coronavirus raging around the world, the epicenter of which was the Chinese province of Hubei with the main city of Wuhan.

Against the backdrop of the raging coronavirus epidemic, as well as the traditional warm and strong relations between the two countries, the visit of the Pakistani leader Arif Alvi to the Сhina, his meeting with the President of the PRC, as well as the support that the parties give each other not in word but in deed, testify to the consistently high level of relations between official Beijing and Islamabad.

During the meeting, President Alvi, in particular, noted that he praised China’s tireless efforts to contain and control the virus. An important component of the statement by the leader of Pakistan was his high appreciation of China’s determination to take care of the citizens of Pakistan at this difficult time.

Xi Jinping, in turn, thanked President Alvi for visiting China at this critical time and expressed his deep appreciation to Pakistan for the gesture of support and solidarity. The PRC President, in particular, said that when the epidemic had just begun, President Alvi wrote him a letter with words of sympathy. The current visit of the Pakistani president testifies to his strong support for China. “In addition, Pakistan has proposed to do everything in its power to provide China with the means to fight the epidemic,” Xi Jinping said.

  1. Alvi and Xi Jinping emphasized that Covid-19 is a common problem for humanity, and all countries must unite and cooperate to overcome this problem together.

Perhaps the following words became a very important component of this part of the statement by the President of the PRC:

“China is deeply grateful to Pakistan for its support. The facts once again proved that China and Pakistan are true friends in joy and sorrow, as well as good brothers sharing the joys and sorrows of each other. Our special friendship is our historical choice. It is deeply rooted in our hearts. our two peoples. ”

Xi Jinping, passing exclusively on the political plane, spoke out in support of Pakistan’s territorial sovereignty, independence and security.

Arif Alvi, in turn, stated that his country would continue to support China in matters affecting the fundamental interests of China, and sought to maintain close contacts with China, deepen cooperation and make efforts to build the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC):

“Pakistan will continue to promote the development of bilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism, work together with China to protect justice and equality in the international arena,” he said.

Developing the theme of CPEC, Alvi said that he is a transformational project.

The Chinese and Pakistani sides agreed that the economic and social impact of CPEC on the region will be significant and useful, expressing the hope that the international community will support such efforts that underlie economic development.

China recognized the measures taken by Pakistan to combat the financing of terrorism, and praised the determination with which Pakistan implemented the Action Plan of the Financial Action Task Force on Money Laundering.

During the meeting, colleagues also touched on tensions between India and Pakistan. Arif Alvi informed his Chinese counterpart about the latest developments in Jammu and Kashmir occupied by India, including his problems, situation and current urgent problems.

The President of the PRC said that he was against any unilateral actions that complicate the situation. Arif Alvi and Xi Jinping also announced that they welcomed the signing of the Peace Agreement between the United States and the Taliban.

At the end of the talks, the heads of state also attended the signing ceremony of bilateral cooperation documents.

The parties issued a joint statement on deepening Sino-Pakistan all-weather strategic cooperation and partnership.

Thus, the president of Pakistan, Arif Alvi, was the first president among world leaders to pay an official visit to China amid a raging virus both in China and around the world. This visit at such a difficult time for mankind testifies that the relations between China and Pakistan are very well developed, that the leaders of the countries, both peoples are ready to help each other at any difficult time. Good friends show their love in times of trouble, not just in times of happiness. This visit showed that China and Pakistan are true friends, their friendship is forever fixed. And nothing can interfere with this friendship, even the disease spread all over the world – coronavirus.

Now the whole world is looking forward to the final victory over this virus, after which the relations of some countries to others will be reconsidered, some countries will further deepen bilateral relations, since the coronavirus will reveal not only true friends, but also detractors. Pakistan-China relations will work even better, and I’m sure that by the time the virus is eliminated, both sides will have many topics and issues to discuss and implement.