A Heart wrenching letter from New Delhi to the World

IndiaA Heart wrenching letter from New Delhi to the World

An Indian Muslim wrote a Heart wrenching letter narrating the ordeals through which the Indian Muslims are passing under the fascist Narendra Modi led government coupled with the outbreak of Coronavirus that is being used as an excuse to further compound their miseries.

In his letter, the Indian Muslim asked some bitter questions from Modi to expose his true and dirty face before the world, who hell-bent to make life a hell for Indian Muslims through the use of different tactics.


Below is the letter depicting the suffering of Indian Muslims;

I ask people do they search me in the mob deprived of basic needs and being treated socially marginalized and totally ignored community. It doesn’t make any difference but actually we are all one but with a slight facial difference, as I am from them and they are from me.

I came out of my village to reach Delhi. I left Mumbai and Ahmedabad to reach my mud-house by putting my life at great risk-taking all my life earning alongside, while you are confined to your homes.

I don’t know what I am doing is right or wrong because we the tactics of social distancing have been employing on us for centuries, which are now being suggested for protection of the disease namely Coronavirus.

We are being asked of social distancing which I have seen since childhood, as a society left us alone and being treated like redundant commodities as we are never being asked to come close. Therefore, I am not scared of this disease namely Coronavirus, as even it is being said that out of 100 patients, 95 recover. However, as per the disease of social distancing is concerned, no one survives of this deadly disease, so I more scared of you than Coronavirus disease.

I feel threat of your thinking of social distancing that reduced us to insects. You are spraying us with sodium hydrochloride, which doesn’t have sodium hydrochloride rather I have the poison and venom of social distancing.

When I left home to catch a bus at a station, there was a huge number of people gathered at the station, you, while sitting in a well-furnished drawing-room, took to your social webpage Facebook that all these boasters spoiled our all efforts to rein in the Coronavirus.

When I stuck at Nazamuddin, you blamed that 200 members of Tableeghi Jamaat are hiding in Nazamuddin.

The country doesn’t have any threat from Coronavirus but people like you who have such a mentality. The culture of selfies after giving just few rupees to needy and poor would serve no purpose and your tainted faces will not clean even with hydrochloride spray.

Dustbin printed with the Modi launch, which is a disease and even it could not be cured through hydrochloride spray. Modi lunch box reminds me as where is Modi now-a-days, as I don’t listen to the news these days since I am in traveling. I came to know that Modi apologized for putting me in such trouble. I laughed loudly because one can seek apology for mistake and mistake is that when occurred the first time; however which repeatedly commits that are not mistakes rather a crime for which there is no padrone but a punishment.

Modi do you remembered as how many times you humiliated us in such fashion by using different tactics. I remind you right now.

Do you remember, when on November 8, 2016, I was standing hungry and thirsty in harsh winter in front of a bank from 4 am to change an Rs. 500 notes. I asked a man standing in front of me as why we are demonetizing these notes since I didn’t have any black business. Instead of giving an answer, that man demonetized me completely for being dubbed me anti-national. You didn’t see the value of our currency and look at the Kashmiri militants who reduced to baggers. I kept silent as if India might attack Pakistan on the notes. However, when you deputed the Indian Army at my house gate and subsequently repealed 370 article even than I kept silent. I dint utter a word when you imposed a dangerous lockdown in Kashmir where all communication channels are blocked. In India, army baton charge people who came out of their houses but army shoot at site people in Kashmir when people leave homes.

Afterward, you demand NRC’s documents even than I kept silent because it didn’t make any difference for me as I don’t have any such documents and even millions others don’t have too.

Some people started questioning the notorious move and raised their voices; however, instead of listening to them and addressing their concerns, your coteries starting propaganda that all these are dong in lieu of 500 rupees and biryani.

I know that this will encourage you that you could lockdown the country of having billion of the population under homes and even if someone mere complains your brutal army will beat them black and blue. Do you think about the fight against Coronavirus when peaceful protestors in Shahibagh were being electrocuted to stop enter of the disease to India. However, now it is too late as wise people say that the worse is yet to come. If I alive till that I may reach home but what you are doing I don’t consider you my prime minister, as you don’t smell the blood of my foot. Hence, it doesn’t make any difference for me either I die of hunger or Corona, your position is useless and worthless for me.

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