A Gate way to Eurasian Union

OpinionA Gate way to Eurasian Union

By: Muhammad Umer Khan

Kazakhstan is the land of wanderers. They have a positive and high-energy history of progress, richness and struggle to fight for their rights. In recent visit of Kazakhstan, there were experienced a lot opportunities for Pakistan in Kazakhstan as well as in Eurasian Community. Kazakhstan Institute of Strategically Studies is working as Think Tank for Social, Political & Money-based Development. Its basic action is to recommend policies for International & Foreign Policy of Kazakhstan. Deputy Director, KazISS Dr. Sanat Kushkumbayev managed and did conversation-related session with Media Delegation of Pakistan and highlighted the core role of KazISS under the supervision of President of Kazakhstan. The KazISS regularly manages and does expert discussions, and round tables of national and international scale on the all areas in the extent of the range of the Institute’s studies. The KazISS maintains good cooperative relationships with some the most respectable foreign research institutions and think tanks, and carries out research projects on acute issues at International and levels. Slyamzhar Akhmetzharov Research Fellow of Department of Social & Political Studies at KazISS admitted the work that’s done of Pakistan Army for maintain peace in the state achieved during war against terrorism. Deputy Director KazISS points to/shows the state policy according to area that on the basis of functional causes. For Politeness and skill with people, after listening the points related to Kashmir & Afghanistan during Defence Political helper; they expressed to improve relationships with people attributes on both situations. For intelligently partnership, KazISS appreciated the importance of Pakistan for area but not in the view of CPEC because KazISS has its own foreign policy to maintain relations on equal basis without putting themselves in argument of two different states. Media based group efforts were encouraged by Deputy Director, KazISS and he marked to discuss on different angels. KazISS thought and believed Pakistan Media Delegation for improving itself. They admitted a positive image of Pakistan achieved the devoted policy for peace and economy development in Pakistan (in almost the same way) The Eurasian National University is one of the institutes like a Think Tank and the core reason for beginning and building on this college institution was the idea of Eurasian Union. The university, which plays an important role Eurasian University area, has itself started the process leading to the action of accomplishing of this goal. Today the ENU is a university with special status owned under the Legal statement of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and with well enough high international authority; it is an implementer of (related to school and learning) new and interesting technologies and continuer of the best research traditions. Dr. Akbota welcomed the Pakistani Media Delegation and presented a historical monuments and histories to show the history of centuries. The vice Rector of ENU Dr. Baubek Somzhurek organized an official visit of different teachers/professors, libraries and class rooms. There was a great session managed by the dean of Teachers/professors of International Relations to interact with students and question answer session on IR Policies. Pakistani Media Delegates presented their views and the students of ENU to encourage them for their interest of the area. To describe the role of Pakistan for the (related to a large area) Development, there was a presentation projected and students of ENU learned the sacrifices of Nation & Armed Forces. With thousands of students & a large number of most able to be picked teachers/professors, The mission of ENU is to become a leading research and education center of the Eurasian area, which will provide good conditions for conducting research and gaining advanced knowledge; and will train specialists todevelop the priority parts/areas of the process of people making, selling, and buying things and be responsible to the Government and to community of people for the result of their activities. The vision is of a national research university focused on the closed combination of different races, cultures, nationalities, etc. working and living together of education, science and industry. Dr. Akbota Zholdasbekova Dean of International Relations at Eurasian National University intelligently showed in a good way that Kazakhstan language and culture with related to school and learning. Deputy Head of Missions Mr. Waqas Ahmed appreciated her efforts. Dr. Akbota planned to begin an academy Pakistan Kazakhstan Institute of Culture and Language to strongest-way to improve relationships with people relations as well as to launch the language of Kazakhstan. She has done a practice with Iran by applying the policy of learned skill Exchange Program. For the purpose of Media Politeness and skill with people among Pakistan and Kazakhstan, The Kazak Media strongly agreed my views and published as news in KazInform. They shared my vision of the development of two-sided cooperation between (TV, Radio, etc.). When I talked about/said that Pakistani professional writers are very strong, highly qualified professionals who have risen to importance both in peacetime and in the process of military operations. They added to the settlement of problems through media, within or by which our law-based and (law-related) people in charge managed to get reliable information. Freedom of speech has been established in Pakistan, and it is not influenced by national interests. Pakistan is becoming a more and more powerful state, and newspapers, web sites, and TV does its part, especially in the empowerment of people, foreign policy, because of investments from China. The KazMedia thought about/believed my media politeness and skill with people to be the main factor in the development of two-sided relations. I suggested for beginning and building on a Pakistani-Kazakhstan television channel on a two-sided basis, where professional writers could represent the interests of both countries. After dinner at Representative’s Residence, Mr. Abdul Basit Shah is a Commercial Political expert at Government office of Pakistan at Kazakhstan and he has been doing a continuous research on since his posting to find out the intelligently business development opportunities and Manufacturing (when a country builds factories and manufactures lots of things). He paid a positive and high-energy duty in last International Expo to engage eight companies of Pakistan and to give advice to them how was it important to create new demand in new markets. He purely believes that Pakistan can place itself in Eurasia Community by developing space in Kazakhstan Market.



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