A Brief Of BNU Bestival

We go again! With Bestival 2015. Beaconhouse National University is proud to present its fourth installment of an eagerly awaited annual event. This year’s theme will especially tickle all you Science fiction fans out there. STEAMPUNK! What is that? Well in one word “INTERSTELLAR”. It’s dabbling with the machine, the invention which rocked the 19’nth century, and started a revolution, which has never looked back since. This revolution of the machine which started all those centuries back is still going strong, so much so that it has captured the imagination of every man, post modernity.


This year we’ve taken it up a notch and will be expecting ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking from all you creative people out there. This theme represents the advancement of human existence and the dilemmas that come with it.
Like our previous events this too will follow the interdisciplinary genre from music, to performance to film to sports. It’s as big as it gets and we can’t wait for it to start.10941422_718615298259042_8429504832383672662_n

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Day 4. Closing Ceremony

Bestival Day 2!

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