Alia Bhatt’s Beauty Secrets

Alia Bhatt’s Beauty Secrets


Alia Bhatt advises against sleeping with makeup. Cleanse face twice daily, using mild cleanser after makeup removal. Clears dirt and excess oil, per interview.

Toner And Face Serum

For flawless skin, use toner and face serum after cleansing. They restore pH balance, provide moisture, and enhance cleanser effects without harm.


Hydration is both internal and external. Alia Bhatt stresses skin's glow relies on hydration. Drink ample water, moisturize, and ensure skincare effectiveness.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen with high SPF is Alia Bhatt's essential, as she emphasizes in a YouTube video. Apply generously indoors and before going out. She personally uses Innisfree Aqua Water Drop Sunscreen SPF 50+