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GEMS Cambridge International Private School Sharjah



GEMS Cambridge International Private School Sharjah

Located strategically to serve Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman, the GEMS Cambridge International Private School (GCS) in Sharjah perfectly blends the reputable National Curriculum for England and the illustrious GEMS Education legacy. For an in-depth exploration of the best schools in Sharjah, consider checking out this comprehensive list.


  • Introduction to GEMS Cambridge International Private School, Sharjah
  • Key Features
  • Curriculum Details
  • Emphasis on Values and Global Citizenship
  • Comprehensive Staff Training and Development
  • Reviews from Parents
  • FAQs
  • Conclusion

Key Features:

Curriculum Details:

GCS offers a curriculum ranging from Pre-KG (FS1) to Grade 11 (Year 12), with students preparing for key examinations like the IGCSE, AS, and Level Examinations. Their rigorous academic program ensures that students are well-equipped to face global challenges.

Emphasis on Values and Global Citizenship:

GEMS Cambridge International Private School Sharjah
The school’s mission emphasizes creating globally conscious citizens rooted in a multicultural, caring, and positive environment. GCS stands out due to its unwavering dedication to instilling core values that guide students’ daily lives.

Comprehensive Staff Training and Development:

GEMS Cambridge International Private School Sharjah
Continued staff development is emphasized, ensuring they remain updated with the latest educational practices. This commitment guarantees that every GCS student receives a modern and relevant education.

Reviews from Parents:

“My son LOVES this school… GCS brings out the best in every child… Our family is so grateful for our GCS family. Great team – great school.” – Amal Ihab

“Very happy with the school… Very happy that I have enrolled my child in the best school in Sharjah.” – Asma Shaji


What curriculum does GCS follow?

The school follows the British curriculum, offering courses like GCSE, IGCSE, and UK EYFS.

What are the annual fees?

Fees range between AED 20,000 – 30,000.

Is it a mixed-gender school?

Yes, GCS offers co-education, accommodating both male and female students.


The GEMS Cambridge International Private School, Sharjah, is more than an educational institution. It’s a beacon of hope, where values are cherished, and global citizens are molded. With a unique identity stemming from over three decades of GEMS legacy, GCS stands tall as an epitome of excellence in education. With its passionate educators, a curriculum designed for holistic development, and an environment radiating positivity, it’s no wonder parents consider it one of the best choices for their children’s future.

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