90,000 Tajik labour migrants will be sent home under Russian Laws

90,000 Tajik labour migrants will be sent home under Russian Laws


Moscow, Russia: Over 90,000 Tajik labour migrants will go back to home this year under Russian labour laws.

Russian labour laws were changed in year 2014 but a lean and moderate view was taken for Tajik labour migrants because fragile Tajik economy depends upon remittances coming in from Russia.

Ban over Tajik labour migrants would negatively impact on already fragile economy of Tajikistan but would encourage people of Tajikistan to get proper working visa (рабочая виза)  to work in Russia. There is no visa restriction between Tajikistan and Russia but working without job visa or working visa is discouraged by Russian labour laws announced in year 2014.

It may be mentioned that till year 2014, there were three types of work permits in Russia: (1) general permits, (2) permits for skilled workers and (3) permits for highly qualified specialists. General Work Permit was the main channel for labour migration to Russia from Tajikistan. Permits were granted for up to one year with a possibility of prolongation. Citizens of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Ukraine were beneficial groups to enter Russia for job and labour work.

Labour Laws in Russia were changed from January 1, 2015 and now all foreign workers who arrive in the Russian Federation need a working visa/job visa and entry permit is not sufficient to work in Russia for CIS member states. Citizens of CIS member states can still enter Russia without visa but working inside Russia without a working visa has become illegal and subject to arrest and sending back to country of origin.

According to reports coming from Dushanbe suggest that Tajik government has started working to absorb returning labour migrants for introducing state subsidies and social benefits to returning migrants.

Job placement experts have developed a document of 10 proposals that will also be sent to the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Committee on Women and Family Affairs.

90,000 Tajik labour migrants will be sent home under Russian Laws
90,000 Tajik labour migrants will be sent home under Russian Laws

Experts believe that the most urgent issue to be handled by government is the Tajik labor migrants returning to their homeland from Russia and 90,000 Tajik citizens will return home soon. Tajik Government is working for effective reintegration of these citizens for offering support like subsidies, development of micro-entrepreneurship (individual Entrepreneurship, Dekhkan farms (land for agriculture farming) and bank loaning support for developing small and medium-sized businesses.

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