89th Anniversary of Kashmir Martyrs’ Day Bring Nothing New for Kashmiris

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Islamabad, Pakistan: Demand and desire for Freedom are in DNA of every Kashmiri. Being followers of Islam, they had been struggling and fighting against non-Muslims occupied forces for ages.

Indian Occupied Kashmir is the land of saints, Walis, and Olia Karam (Pious people) since Islam became a lifestyle of Kashmiris.

Oh God Are We Children of Lesser god
Oh God Are We Children of Lesser god

In 1320, the Buddhist ruler of Kashmir Rinchan converted into Islam at the hands of the saint, Sayyid Bilal Shah (also known as Bulbul Shah). After conversion to Islam, he called himself Malik Sadur-ud-Din and became the first Muslim ruler of Kashmir.

Islam grew in the 14th century under the Shah Mir dynasty and numerous Muslim ulama from Central Asia came to preach in Kashmir. Some of the famous ulama who preached Islam in Kashmir included Sayyid Jalaluddin, Sayyid Tajuddin, Sayyid Ḥusayn Simani, Sayyid Ali Ḥamadani, Mir Muḥammad Hamadani, and Shaykh Nuruddin. Sayyid Ali Hamadani. Islamic Law was enforced in Kashmir Valley by Sikandar Butshikan (who reigned from 1389–1413). By the late 1400s the majority of the population had embraced Islam. One can understand that Islam and Islamic values are parts and parcel of Kashmiri culture.

Raping women, girls, and even boys are being used as a tool of subjugation by Indian occupied forces while extra-judicial killings and fake police encounters for purging Kashmiri youth are the norms in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmiris had been living under Muslim rulers including Mughal rule and Afghan Rule till the non-Muslim Sikh Empire in 1820 controlled the Valley. Since then the struggle for freedom is continued for Kashmiri people and they faced many massacres including one on 13 July 1931 when 22 Kashmiris were shot dead in their attempts to complete the call for prayer outside the Srinagar jail. This day is remembered and observed as Kashmir Martyrs’ Day because it was the beginning of Kashmir’s freedom struggle. Kashmiris living on both sides of the Line of Control, as well as the rest of the world, observe the Kashmir Martyrs Day with a pledge to continue their struggle for the achievement of their birthright to self-determination and freedom of Kashmir from the Indian yoke.

After the abrogation of Article 370 of Indian Constitution BJP led government dropped Kashmir Martyrs’ Day from its list of Public Holidays for 2020, while ironically 26 October was added to be observed as ‘Accession Day’ which was, in fact, the Day of Occupation of the Jammu Kashmir.

The deplorable trend is aimed at derogating and dismissing the long struggle of the Kashmiris for freedom that has withstood decades of suppression and has grown stronger consistently. Though the IOJK has been brutalised for years, since the lockdown in August last year, Indian security forces have become even more inhumane and brutal for the eight million caged Kashmiris.

Raping women, girls, and even boys are being used as a tool of subjugation by Indian occupied forces while extra-judicial killings and fake police encounters for purging Kashmiri youth are the norms in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Amid the increased militarization (900,000 Indian occupation forces), dehumanization of Kashmiris after the annexation of IOJK, the frustration, anger and resentment masses in IOJK is rising.

Since the Indian National Congress has been replaced by the saffronised BJP government, the latter’s religious-nationalism has tried to make an internationally dangerous conflict a national political issue and change the complexion of conflict by drastic and illegal actions on 5 August 2019 that preclude peaceful and just resolution.

▪ Under BJP’s fascist regime, a comprehensive enslavement plan, encapsulating sweeping administrative changes aimed at altering the demographic structure of IOJK and stripping its people of their rights was devised and enforced brutally.

▪ BJP government has attempted to change the demography of IOJK through ‘constitutional terrorism’ followed by flooding of the Muslim majority region with Hindus to Palestinise Kashmir.

▪ Under the new Domicile law, India has issued domicile certificates to 32000 outsiders since May 11. It would facilitate non-Kashmiris to settle in the state to rob it of its Muslim identity.

▪ The transgressions by India in IOJ&K constitute a blatant violation of the UNSC resolutions on Kashmir, bilateral agreements between India and Pakistan, 4th Geneva Convention.

▪ Moreover, recently, Modi – PM of a nation with 172 million Muslims did not mention the upcoming Eid ul Azha, in his address to the nation while rattling off the names of all upcoming festivals. This speaks of the deep-rooted Islamophobia in Indian leadership

▪ India’s atrocities in IOJK and the mainland India reflect systematic cleansing of Muslims to achieve a long cherished objective of RSS to establish a ‘Brahminical State’ purported by Sadhvi Saraswati that India would be ‘Hindu Rashtra’ by 2023.

▪ New Delhi’s heavy-handedness and use of torture/violence to quell the freedom movement of the Kashmiris have badly failed.

▪ Moreover, the unprecedented internationalization of Kashmir and loss of face has further frustrated India.

This has induced many reckless actions including the frequent unprovoked violations of the LoC to divert public attention.

The despicable move to exclude the historic day of Kashmiris martyrs from the gazette by mad Modi speaks of his intrinsic fear of / disdain for the freedom fighters. But the Kashmiri martyrs are immortal and they are writing a new history of human resilience with their blood that cannot be erased by such moves. It is high time that the world realizes why over 100,000 Kashmiris martyrs sacrificed their lives at the hands of occupation forces. The Kashmiris’ spirits cannot be dampened through repressive tactics including arbitrary detentions, torture, extra-judicial killings by Indian brute forces. Kashmiris are determined and destined to achieve freedom from the oppressor – India; which is their undeniable destiny

Pakistan, as ever, is steadfastly extending moral, political, and diplomatic support to their cause. 13 July shall be commemorated as Kashmir Martyrs Day in the length and breadth of Pakistan.

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