7 Tech Startups Which Can Help Developing Countries Overcome Severe Crisis

While the world almost came to a standstill during this COVID-19 pandemic, even during these testing times, medical startups have reinvigorated the idea of how exactly modern-day health solutions should look like.

It won’t be wrong to say that the telehealth sector is currently one of the most dynamic sectors that have flourished even in strict lockdowns. Specifically, in the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth services experienced a boost in the lockdown because of the increasing demand and sudden lifestyle changes. It coupled up with the pressure to provide the best and efficient health services at lower prices.


2020 has pushed healthcare to entirely new heights, and undoubtedly, health startups have played a key role. Health startups all around the world have created a new landscape. It has shifted in-person consultation to online consultations, which have been widely adopted. COVID-19 lockdown has been all about telemedicine and health services at your doorstep.

Here are the top 7 healthcare startups that are making healthcare better for patients and are changing the world for the better:

1. Emeds Pharmacy

Emeds is an online pharmacy that launched in 2020 in Pakistan. It is the first online retail pharmacy that has received the ISO-9001 certification in Pakistan owing to its commitment to quality management. They function all across the country and deliver medicines to the doorstep. Emeds Pharmacy aims to serve the people living in remote areas where they do not have access to doctors and pharmacies easily. Free online consultation with their healthcare experts is a feature not common in Pakistan.

The concept of this startup is to normalise the delivery of medicines even at places where OTC medicines are hardly available. It will discourage the sale of expired or counterfeit medicines because it is managed by qualified pharmacists who overlook the whole process from prescription to delivery.


Customers can send their prescriptions through WhatsApp and can check all the available medicines on the website.

They believe that achieving the ISO standard is just another step towards innovative healthcare in Pakistan. They are working to revolutionise the way medicines are acquired in Pakistan.
Emeds is led by qualified technological experts who provide a user-friendly service and state of the art digital technology.

2. LivNao

Prevention is always said to be better than the cure and to make it practically possible, LivNao is the right example. It is a healthcare startup that tracks its users for all the early mental health symptoms they might suffer.

By tracking the symptoms, LivNao can make rapid decisions and connect with organisations, insurers, and healthcare systems to make better decisions regarding the individual for helping them.

3. CureX

Is it possible that we start diagnosing people at home? Yes, it is. CureX offers all the home testing facilities: allergy testing, online doctor consultations, and allergy treatment services. You just have to provide them with your blood sample, and they’ll be testing you for all the possible allergies. Approximately 37.5 million people in the world suffer from environmental allergies. As a solution, immunotherapy is the most effective treatment that deals with these symptoms.

What was once seen as an option that was only available at the doctor’s clinic is now being offered to you at the comfort of your home with just a simple finger prick blood testing. CureX works to connect the patients to a doctor to get their treatment plan and set up their regimen that will help reduce their allergies.

4. Babylon Health

Be it your flu that you’re seeking remedies for or bronchitis or skin allergies, Babylon helps you connect with doctors through a video appointment or digital consultation all week round for 24 hours. This tech health startup helped people have better healthcare opportunities and became a source for hundreds of people. Babylon recruited employees from over 60 countries and functions across the U.K., US, Canada, Rwanda, and APAC. In the future, they plan to expand across South America and EMEA.

5. HealthCrowd

HealthCrowd is also a platform for healthcare communications. It is based in San Mateo, CA, and combines healthcare with more tech stuff for better efficiency.

The outcome expected is to provide better health opportunities and help organizations deliver business results.

HealthCrowd is currently working to establish mobile health messaging in the U.S. HealthCrowd uses text, voice, email, and nano sites to enable a vast platform for healthcare.

6. Care Coach

Care coach uses a unique way to work. They do not employ humans but instead use avatar technology to improve self-management related to chronic conditions for the elderly.

Behind those bots that talk or interact with people, there is a complete team of nurses, doctors, and health coaches.

Care Coach is a perfect example of an efficient combination of digital technology and genuine human connection. They aim to provide the best services during the time of shortage of caregivers.

It can manage many conditions, be it heart failure or diabetes, and also, the service offers digital pets that help provide companionship to the elderly who live alone. This allows them to cope up with depression and anxiety.

This facility is already available for home-bound patients.

7. Meru Health

The pandemic has affected millions of people around the globe since last year, and mental health is the most compromised at this time. Considering that, it was vital to look for solutions. Meru Health offers a virtual 12 week-program to address the anxiety, depression, and burnout that you might be experiencing for the last year.

Meru Health is working to provide patients with the comprehensive support they look out for. Meru Health offers licensed therapists, psychiatrists, anonymous peer support, biofeedback, habit-changing activities, and mindful practices.
It is a digital solution that significantly improves patients’ access and meets their needs when they need help the most.

The Crux Of Digital Healthcare

It is a widely accepted fact that the appetite for digital health startups is experiencing a boom. As technology and healthcare combination is becoming more common, investors are opening their doors to provide them with financial support.
With the passing days, we are experiencing how important telemedicine services are becoming during the lockdowns and whenever we can’t leave our homes. Telemedicine is the future of healthcare, and that is an undeniable fact!

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