7 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids to Discover Islam

Blogs7 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids to Discover Islam

These Islamic shows are a huge help for parents to inculcate moral values in their children. These shows are both entertaining and educational, coming in the category of educational media. Parents are greatly relieved by the presence of these shows portraying that their children are in good hands. We have prepared a list of 7 Educational YouTube channels for kids to discover Islam. This list is to assist you in your journey of teaching your children the necessary moral and religious values. 

7 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids to Discover Islam


List of 7 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids to Discover Islam

Not only these shows are educational but enjoyable and entertaining. These educational YouTube shows can nourish young brains with Islamic values and leave a great impact on their minds. Consequently, teaching kids Islamic moral values and playing a part in making them wise human beings. So, without any further ado, let’s get into our list of 7 Educational YouTube shows for kids to discover Islam. 

Stories of The Prophets: Qur’an Stories

This channel has the most beautiful animations for kids to enjoy and learn at the same time. Each animated video portrays a moral message through the story of a prophet. Every episode has a story based on a different prophet including Prophet Muhammad PBUH. it is one of the best ways to instill Islamic history, the habits and manners of the prophets in your young children. These videos encourage young precious minds to follow the footsteps of the prophets and adopt their habits in their own lives. The videos include lessons on the major topics of kindness, brotherhood, and obedience of parents. 

Mini Muslims

Mini Muslims’ videos narrate the stories written in engaging lyrics along with captivating music. This channel is a great way to grow the love of Allah and His Prophets in your young kids. The videos are amazing and kids love to watch them. Unconsciously, a child starts following what they see or watch others doing. Mini Muslims incorporate the required moral values into the young brains of children.

One4Kids / Zaky-Muslim Cartoons

On this channel, the videos of Zaky and his friends cover many major topics such as  Zakat, the importance of gratitude, the virtues of Salah, Stories of the Prophets, Islamic songs, and much more. These videos are really good and kind of addicting even for adults. Now, we can feel our little ones. The channel puts great emphasis on the details and how every lesson is portrayed in a captivating manner. 

Omar & Hana

Omar & Hana channel videos teach our little ones many things while incorporating entertainment and the teachings of Islam through their videos. This channel brings many Islamic series and songs through their videos. These videos cover the everyday moral values and activities that one should adopt in their life. This channel is a great source of Islamic education for your little ones and teaches them the importance of wisdom and moral values. 

Iqra Cartoon

Being a non-profit animation studio, IQRA Cartoon produces some of the best short films and Islamic videos on the Qur’an. The videos on this channel fill the hearts and minds of our little ones with the moral values and the teachings of life taught in the Qur’an. The videos explain the Qur’an and Hadith in an engaging manner that is easy for kids to understand.

Muslim Kids TV

The Videos on Muslim Kids TV are engaging and interactive, teaching the stories of the Prophets, Stories of the Sahaba, teaching the Arabic language, and much more. This YouTube channel, with experience of over 20 years, has made some great contributions to making our children wise Muslims and human beings.  The animation videos are HD quality and teach different duas and everyday good activities/deeds to little ones. No doubt, it is one of the best educational YouTube channels for kids to discover Islam. 

Kids Islamic Channel

Offering many educational and entertaining shows for children, this channel creates insight and awareness in young kids. The main focus of the videos on this channel is to incorporate the teachings of Islam into the little ones. The channel also portrays Islamic patterns, ancient color palettes, Islamic architecture, fun challenges, and puppetry in their videos to make these videos captivating and educational for children. 

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