Pakistan wants strong measures from Kabul, NATO for Pak-Afghan border management: FO

Pakistan wants strong measures from Kabul, NATO for Pak-Afghan border management: FO

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday called upon the Afghan government and NATO to put in place strong measures for better management of Pak-Afghan border.

In her weekly news briefing in Islamabad on Thursday, the Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said that protecting the Pak-Afghan border is the shared responsibility of both the sides. However, she said, Pakistan has carried an extra burden regarding the protection and management of the border.

The FO spokesperson said that we have more than 1200 posts and we also undertake surveillance at the border.

“Pakistan is keen to introduce biometric system but we also want equally strong measures from NATO and Afghan sides for management of the border,” she said.

The president elections were held in Afghanistan on April 5, though the final results have not yet been announced but it is likely that the former Afghan foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah, a more pro-India and anti-Pakistan, will become the next Afghan President.

However, the spokesperson dismissed the perception that any Afghan leader is against Pakistan.

It is up to the people of Afghanistan to elect their new government, she said, adding that Pakistan has repeatedly said that it is not supporting any Afghan party.

“We do not know who will form the next government there, but whosoever forms the government we will focus on building bilateral relations with the neighboring country and engage with their leaders for this purpose,” the spokesperson said.

“Pakistan wants peace and stability in Afghanistan as it is in the interest of Pakistan,” she said.

Aslam further said that stability and peace in Afghanistan will help us not only in countering terrorism and violence but also open new vistas for joint ventures and trade with the Central Asian States, which Pakistan is keen to enhance.