6,000 have unjustly been killed in US drone strikes

6,000 have unjustly been killed in US drone strikes

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The US drone strikes carried out across the world including in Pakistan have left at least 6,000 persons dead without having any justification, said a joint letter issued by 45 former US military personnel.

At least 6,000 lives have been unjustly taken by US drone attacks in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, the Philippines, Libya and Syria. These attacks are also undermining principles of international law and human rights,” said the letter according to the Guardian.

The former US military personnel including a retired army colonel Ann Wright, who resigned in 2003 over the invasion of Iraq, also appealed to the pilots of aerial drones to stop carrying out deadly missions which have claimed a number of lives of innocent people.

They said that the missions profoundly violate domestic and international laws.

The new protest comes as the US military is facing a crisis in its armed drone program as a result of a steady decline in the numbers of trained pilots available to fly the missions.

Last Wednesday, The New York Times reported that the air force was planning to cut the number of its daily drone flights from 65 to 60 by October as a result of the drain of pilots.

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