6 Ways to Upgrade Your Home Office Space

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By Minaal

Most of us are still working from home — if not full-time, then at least part-time. In fact, some companies are also gradually shifting to a permanent work-from-home structure. Hence, it’s about time we make more use of our makeshift office by turning it into a proper, productive workspace. Even if it is from the comfort of your home, it does not necessarily mean it is feasible or effective.


It can be challenging to create a suitable work environment at home, especially if you are working from a multipurpose area. After all, not everyone owns a real estate property with a separate spare room for a home office.

Here are a few tips which can help you separate your work life from home life and be more efficient in your tasks.

A Permanent Space

Carve out space where you feel comfortable, in terms of lighting, the surrounding noise, and any other factors that could prove to be a hindrance to your work. Even if you only have a small corner available to work, designate it as your permanent workspace. It could be a spot on your dining table, a space in your living room or even the counter in your kitchen — the point is to choose a fixed place instead of hopping from one place to the other. In this manner, you would not have to rush to find a quiet space just a few minutes before an important meeting. However, keep in mind that you shouldn’t pick a place where you are too comfortable (the most obvious being your bed) – it should be where you can still maintain a level of professionalism.

The Right Light

Don’t underestimate the lighting of your workspace; illuminating the area is important for carrying out your tasks with ease and appearing professional in your Zoom meetings. The correct overhead lighting would help you avoid glares on your monitor’s screen. If your space is not exposed to any natural light, make sure you have an adjustable desk lamp at the very least on your desk. This can also go a long way in improving your mood and reducing headaches, eye strain or lethargy.

Background Noise

Everyone is comfortable with their optimal noise level — for instance, music can stimulate some people’s creativity while others prefer a quieter place to work. You should figure out what works for you to pick a space and create your work environment accordingly.

Be Organised

You cannot work efficiently in a cluttered space. Just stick to the essentials on your desk: this could include your laptop, notebook, stationery etc. You can also optimise your space by using storage containers for important documents and other materials. Ensure all your work essentials are already at hand before starting your day. Set it up according to your tasks. For example, do you have meetings all day? Do you need materials (like a marker, whiteboard etc.) for planning with the team? The tools must support your tasks for the day.

It also goes without saying that you have the appropriate technology already set up – this includes a reliable and speedy internet connection, a printer or scanner (if necessary for your job) etc.

Any other items should be put aside to avoid distraction plus free up more space. An untidy space would not leave a good impression on your colleagues or clients on any video call meetings either.

Office Furniture

If there is a single investment that you can make, it should be the right office furniture for your home office. Being slouched on the couch in front of your laptop is not a healthy, long-term option. Choose a chair that supports your back, help you sit in an upright posture, and ideally comes with adjustable features like seat height. If you cannot buy such an option at the moment, purchase back support cushions for your existing chair.

You can check if your desk is at the right height for you by ensuring the two: your shoulders are levelled when you are looking at the screen, and your back isn’t arched. A sufficient leg space would be an additional bonus. Also, pick a sturdy desk that helps you prop up your laptop at the correct eye level.

This is an important investment as it can keep you healthy in the long run by avoiding neck or strain injuries.

Own Your Space

Don’t forget that this is a space that is entirely yours. One of the advantages of working from home, in comparison to working from a traditional office set-up, is that you can enhance your home office in a way that inspires only you.

Creating a workspace at home is not as easy as just opening up your laptop in any random available corner – setting up a more functional location can be a vast improvement for the quality of your work itself and is definitely worth the time and effort.

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