5G will cover 38% of the world’s population, says Xu Hui


Monitoring Desk: “5G means large bandwidth, low latency, and wide connectivity, which is another revolution in communication technology. 5G networks will enable vertical industries such as the Internet of Vehicles, smart manufacturing, and Intelligent power grid, creating new application scenarios and economic growth points. It is estimated that 5G will help industries increase revenue by 10% by 2025. 5G will cover 38% of the world’s population. Excluding the IoT, the number of 5G connections will exceed 1.3 billion”.

This was said by CEO of Huawei Technologies Azerbaijan LLC Xu Hui while giving an interview to Baku Tribune.

When asked had Huawei done any research on the impact of 5G technology on people? he was of the view that the physiological effects of electromagnetic radiation vary with frequency, so the emergence of 5G has triggered a major international review of radiation safety guidelines that should be assessed by authoritative international health organizations. There is agreement that there is not enough data for a meaningful health risk assessment. In addition, all Huawei 5G base stations are designed and manufactured in strict accordance with the radiation standards of the world and other countries. China’s radiation standard is 0.047 mw/m2, which is 5% of the EU standard. Huawei base stations are manufactured in strict compliance with this standard and will not cause any harm to human body.

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