As many as 520 persons died in one month in air crashes

520 persons died in one month in air crashes and air accidents


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As many as 520 persons died in one month in air crashes and air accidents

Passenger plane crashed with 48 persons in Tehran. Sepahan Air flight crashed with 40 passengers on board near Mehrabad airport Tehran. Passenger plane with 40 persons on board crashes near Mehrabad airport Tehran. The plane belonged to Sepahan Airlines  and was heading to Tabas from Tehran. It is 140 Sepahan Air airliner flight#HH5915.

Fatalities: 48 HH5915  (SPN5915) Sepahan Air Iran

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Fatalities: 298 MH17 Malaysia Airlines

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Fatalities: 116 AH5017 Air Algerie

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Fatalities: 48  GE222 TransAsia Airways

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Fatalities: 4 Skywaves International

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Fatalities: 2  Beachcraft

Latest crash was on Thursday today July 24, 2014.

Algerian Ennahar TV reports that Air Algerie AH5017 having 116 persons on-board crashed or shot down over in Niger. However reports did not elaborate that how and why Flight AH5017 diverted from its original air route that goes over Mali instead of Niger. Meanwhile French authorities fear that there were likely French people on board. More reports coming. Bad weather is consider as possible reason for crash but nothing is certain at the moment. Spanish airline Swiftair was technically owned aircraft  MD-83 that was operated by Air Algeria.  

Ennahar TV claims that Air Algerie flight AH5017 crashed in Niger after flying through violent storms. TV said that the region was badly affected by violent storms and it was earlier said the plane was rerouted while it was flying over Mali. Meanwhile BBC reported that flight disappeared between Gao and Tessalit, in northern Mali while flying to destination. A McDonnell Douglas MD-83 passenger plane operated under Air Algerie AH5017 title was disappeared after 50 minutes of its flight. There were fears that it crashed somewhere en route. 

If someone check weather system on the path of ill-fated AH5017– it indicates that weather was real rough  and storm was on flight path with rising clouds above 40,000ft. This is difficult for a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 passenger plane to bear such weather. This could be a reason that AH-5017 changed its original path/route and went towards Niger but could not sustain and crashed. However nothing is confirmed yet and this is a developing story. Official status of flight is still Missing unless. Meanwhile, French army says two french fighter jets based in North Africa has been dispatched to try to locate missing AH5017 or its wreckage


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