50th anniversary of 1965 War: Listen Pakistan Defence Day songs

    50th anniversary of 1965 War: Pakistan Defence Day patriotic songs

    Islamabad, Pakistan: Some people say Pakistan won 1965 war because of Qoumi Tarana (Patriotic songs) produced during war and Radio Pakistan and Pakistan Television played an excellent job to boost the spirits of the nation.

    This is true Pakistani singers played a pivotal role in the 1965 war as they actively contributed with national songs and boosted morale of the Armed Forces of the country and united whole nation.

    Pakistan television broadcast a wonderful documentary about the role of top singers recently. However, documentary forgot to pay tribute to all singers but it was a worth initiative to propote those who are no more with us but they played their role to protect their motherland. Noor Jehan, Mehdi Hassan, Naseem Begum, Ahmed Rushdi, Masod Rana, Inayat Hussain BhattiMala, Alam Lohar and Saleem Raza kept Pakistanis charged with patriotism during war days through their voices.

    Radio Pakistan staff worked days and nights during first one week and produced best ever patriotic songs while poets like Sufi Tabasab and Jameelurdin Ali were almost living inside Radio Pakistan buildings.


    APP that is the state run news agency of Pakistan reported that national and patriotic songs played a collective role to move the nation forward and made them realize that Pakistanis were equipped with self-confidence and unwavering faith and that Pakistani as a nation will not be undone by the evil and ill-willed designs of the enemy.

    Radio Pakistan had also played a historic role during the war and aired national songs and special programmes to encourage the Armed Forces and to promote patriotism in the people.

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    Role of renowned Pakistani singer, Madam Noor Jehan could not be forgotten as she sang a number of national songs for Pak Armed Forces. When these songs were used to be broadcast by Radio Pakistan, dedicated to the Pak Armed Forces who were bravely defending the borders of Pakistan, it used to send waves of patriotism and national fervor down the spines of many Pakistanis regardless of their ethnicity, religious or political affiliations and background. Mehdi Hassan sung “Apni Jaan Nazr Karoon” and this song is still a block buster in Pakistan.

    In the 1965 war, thanks to these songs that it enables the common Pakistani to amass feats of great and unrivaled courage when it came to defend the homeland. In essence, Pakistani singers paid a great service to the nation in those testing and hard times.

    Listen top songs of 1965 war to click following photo of fighter jet produced by Pakistan. Remember these songs start with historic speech of late Gen Ayub Khan that he delivered on September 6 at Radio Pakistan while announcing 1965 War. 

    50th anniversary of 1965 War Pakistan Defence Day patriotic songs

    Top songs of 1965 War include:

    Noor Jehan

    Aye Watan ke Sajelay Jawano!

    Aih Puttar Hattan te nai

    Mehdi Hassan

    Apni Jan Nazar Karoon

    Ab Fateh Mobin hai

    Watan ki Abroo Rakh li

    Masood Rana

    Jaag Utha hai Sara Watan 

    Yeh Ghaziyon ka Qafla Rawan Dawan 

    Zindabad Aye Watan ke Ghaziyo! 

    Kar de gi Qaum Zinda

    Saleem Raza (Noel Dias)

    Aye Hawa Ke Rahiyo

    Aye Watan Mere Watan

    Mere Mehboob Watan

    Sialkot Tu Zinda Rahe ga

    Tu hai Aziz-e-Millat

    Salam Pak Fauj ko Salam

    Tauheed ke Matwalo

    Aye Hawa ke Rahiyo!

    Nagri Data ki

    Mere Watan ke Rakhwalon ne Kese Watan Bachaya

    Naseem Begum

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    Aye Rah-e-Haq ke Shaheedo!

    Aye Madar-e-Watan Ouoncha ho Tera Naam

    Watan ki Shan Mera Humrahi

    Dhool Sajeelay

    Inayat Hussain Bhatti

    Watan ko Tum pe Fakhr hai

    Aye Mard-e-Mujahid Jaag Zara

    Qadam Barhao Sathiyo!

    Zinda Dilon ka Gehwara hai Sargodha Mera Shehar

    Ahmed Rushdi

    Nasrum Minallahi Wa Fathun Qareeb

    Aye Watan ke Jawano! Salamat Raho

    Har Lehza hai Momin

    Aye Arz-e-Watan Tere Jawan Tere Dilawar

    Yeh Faisla hai Hamara Ab Sar-e-Maidan

    Meri Sarhad ko Mera Lahoo chahiye

    Hasbunallahu Wa Naimal Vakeel

    Lahore Sar Buland hai Lahore Zindabad

    Alam Lohar

    Jugni Pakistan di

    Sade Sheran Pakistan di

    Jang di Jugni


    Aye Mere Watan ke Pasban Zindabad

    Aye Mere Pak Watan Tere Jiyalo! ko Salam



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