5 Trusted Ways to Provide Home Care for COVID Patients

With the current fourth wave of Covid-19 looming in Pakistan, it is important to prepare yourself for measures to take if you or your loved ones get infected (God forbid). World health organization (WHO) has issued multiple guidelines as to how to provide home care for Covid patients. You must assess the condition of such patients and only keep them at home if they have very mild symptoms. For this article we have asked around and have gotten first hand information from Covid-19 recovered patients in terms of what they expected or needed the most in their health care at home when they were ill.

5 Ways to Provide Home Care for Covid Patients

Give them more than a room

One very important thing you should do if you have a covid-19 patient at home is to increase their space and not confine them to a room. Many patients we talked to revealed that they suffered from poor mental health because they didn’t have much space at home and were confined to very little space. You can perhaps give up some of your own space and confine yourself to limited space. Also, make sure their space is adequately ventilated and that they sit outdoors for a bit in their day.

Home Care for Covid Patients

Healthy food

Covid-19 takes a huge toll on one’s energy levels therefore give your loved ones fresh and nutritious foods every day. Make sure they are having fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and whole grains. Avoid processed foods and hydrate them with water and fresh juices.

Home Care for Covid Patients

Keep them updated with ongoing events and don’t let them isolate

Keep them updated (virtually) with what’s going on in your personal lives. Not depriving them of family gossip should be an effective part of home care for Covid patients.

Give them hope that everything will be okay

Keep reminding them that their quarantine period will end soon. Make sure they don’t sit idle give them a book to read or a sweater to knit or any other task which keeps their mind occupied.

Show that you care

Do not blame them for acquiring the virus or spreading it. What’s done is done. Show them that you care by being polite and by going the extra mile for them.

These are some tips as to how to provide better home care for Covid patients. You can always tailor them according to the condition and expectations of the patient.


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