5 things to do at Unknown Wedding

As soon as the heat wave dies down and the weather becomes a bit pleasant, the wedding season will be upon us once more.

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Are you wondering about what to do at a wedding?

Undoubtedly, most of us will have to attend the weddings of relatives we never knew we had and as a result find ourselves in a group of people where we can’t really let out our fun side. So if you’re ever stuck in such a situation, here are 5 tips to help you get by

Find Kids to Play with

Look for small kids you’re related to, preferably those who can talk and walk but still need supervision. Take them off of their mother’s hand and start playing with them, trust me this works like a charm as not only you get saved from making small talk with people you don’t know but also you score some major brownie points in the eyes of your parents and relatives.

Don’t Ask Questions

If someone comes up to you and pretends to know you, just go with the flow. Most of these people will without fail mention how much you’ve grown and how they used to play with you as a kid, so just nod along, smile politely and answer their questions. Whatever you do, do NOT ask them who they are because chances are they will go on a rant of how the younger generation doesn’t care anymore or how they don’t know who’s who. If done right, pretty soon they will get bored and move on to their next unwilling victim.

Get a Camera

Sure, bringing a good camera to a wedding might be disastrous in many cities of our country but trust me if you can afford to do so, do it. Not only will you be able to avoid small talk with people you don’t know but you would also be treated with respect and admiration as you’re the willing relative that is taking pictures of the whole event. Oh and don’t forget to avoid taking pictures of the opposite gender without their consent otherwise you might find yourself with the title of a perv.

Look for Backbenchers

Just like in class, people who are there just for the sake of fulfilling a social obligation will congregate towards the last few seats of the hall. If you can’t do any of the things mentioned above, I would highly recommend finding these backbenchers and sitting near them as it’s always better to share your agony with people who are in the same boat as you than to do it alone.

Wait 5-10 Minutes before Going for Food

This is the most important thing I can mention! Whatever you do, do NOT rush towards the food table once it opens. You will most probably end up with stains on your formal clothes, instead just wait 5 minutes for the famine-stricken people to quench their thirst for food and then get something to eat.