5 Skin Problems You Need To Be Careful Of In This Hot Summer Of Pakistan

Let’s admit one thing, summers in Pakistan are blazing hot and no one among us likes it. The temperature rises to unbearable heights in months of June and July leaving people praying for these months to pass by. While the summer definitely has an effect on your daily activities, it also affects your health and especially your skin which is the most exposed organ of your skin in the summer.

In summers, skin aliments like heat rashes, fungal disease, photosensitive dermatitis, melasma, prickly heat, nail infections, and acnes increase by almost 40 per cent. It has been reported that out of every 100 OPD visitors, 40 report above are linked to skin diseases every day.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the five common skin problems you need to be wary of in this summer and also how you can avoid them. The good thing is that, if you notice symptoms of any of below-mentioned skin problems, you can consult with the best dermatologists in Lahore or in any other city of Pakistan through Marham.

  1. Heat rashes:

When the weather is extremely hot, a number of factors combine to make your skin irritable during the summer. With the blazing heat, there’s a lot of pressure on the skin and with that comes sweating. However, sometimes as a result of dirt and dust which are heavily common in our country, they clog the sweat ducts of the skin which traps the perspiration. This results in itchy rashes, blisters or mini-bumps on the skin.

Solution: You can avoid this condition by keeping yourself clean. Try to bath twice a day especially at the day end. Use an anti-bacterial soap or bath gel. Keep yourself dry as much as possible. If the condition persists, consult a dermatologist and you can find the best dermatologists in Karachi or in any other city through marham.pk.

  1. Sunburns:

During summers, the sun is extreme harsh and it can scorch your skin, causing red patches and rashes that burn. This happens more in people who have a sensitive skin and burns up your soft and sensitive skin.

Solution: The only way and most suitable way to protect your skin against this condition is to minimize your exposure to the skin. It’s important that you wear a sunscreen whenever you go out and apply a sunblock. It is also advised to wear clothes covering as much skin as possible during the day.

  1. Acne:

Well, acne breakouts are the most irritable problem we face in summers. You just get up next morning and notice pimples all over your face. It happens because the sweat makes our skin a magnet for dust, grime and pollution especially when we spend some time outdoors. The dust clogs the skin’s pores while the heat gives bacteria a perfect environment to grow as a result of which acne occurs.

Solution: Keep your skin clean. Wash your face at least three times a day with a facewash. You can also use facial cleanser so that your skin pores are free of dirt. If your acne persists, it might need medical attention. Therefore, do visit a dermatologist and you can find best dermatologists in Islamabad via marham.pk.

  1. Dehydration:

Dehydration is the most common problem that we face in summers. The important point to remember is that it’s not just your body but also your skin that bears the brunt of dehydration. When we sweat excessively, we continuously lose hydration from the skin. If not sufficiently replenished, skin will get dry, irritated and more prone to sunburn. Lips may start to crack and dry patches may appear.

Solution: The best possible solution to avoid dehydration is to drink as much as water as possible. Its advised to carry a water bottle with you all the time. Also add a lot of juices and summer fruits to your diet and especially fruits like watermelon, which are high in water content, are particularly good for the body and skin during the summer.

  1. Tanning:

When exposed to the sun’s UV radiation in this hot weather, the melanin in your skin reacts by forming a protective shield. The melanin results in dark pigmentation, either uniformly or in patches on the skin. The result is what we call skin darkening, tanning or hyper-pigmentation.

Solution: Use a sunscreen and wear sunglasses to prevent dark circles. To undo the effects of tanning, seek procedures like laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peels or microdermabrasion and skin whitening treatment. You find all the details related to skin related procedures such as skin whitening treatment and others at marham.pk.

Keep in mind that if you do necessary care and be wary of these problems, it is well and truly possible that any of the above-mentioned won’t hurt you. We wish you a happy and healthy summer and in case any skin problem occurs, remember Marham has got you covered.