5 Signs You Have Poor Mental Health

We all suffer from mental health issues from time to time. However, our society has shaped us into believing that poor mental health is not something we should worry about. We are often told that we are being “delusional” and are “overthinking”. We hear insensitive statements pertaining to mental health issues on a daily basis and I believe it is high time for us to get rid of social stigmas that circle around mental health.

Here are 5 signs you have poor mental health:

Tiredness and Lack of Energy

If you feel tired on a daily basis, chances are you have an imbalanced diet. However, if you know you are eating healthy and are still feeling tired with no energy to do tasks you were previously able to do then you might be suffering from depression and or anxiety. Most of the times, a person suffering from mental health issues might experience loss of appetite which results in tiredness.

poor mental health

Loss of Appetite

One of the most common symptom of depression and anxiety is a change in your appetite. We all know that depression causes most people to overeat. However, sometimes the reverse might happen and you might lose your appetite. The major reason behind this is the occurrence of nausea.

poor mental health

Wanting to go Back to Home

Are you avoiding people and are always wanting to go back home when out? If yes, then you should seek help. It is good to stay back and spend time with yourself sometimes but it should not be the answer every time you feel low. Humans are “social animals” and naturally look for companionship of others thus do not isolate yourself.

poor mental health

Being Aggressive

Another sign of poor mental health is constantly finding yourself angry. People suffering from depression or anxiety tend to hide their feelings which results in being irritated and aggressive all the time.

poor mental health


Getting Distracted Easily

People with depression constantly find themselves bombarded with different thoughts at the same time. This results in a loss of focus and attention and causes stress.

poor mental health

These were some of the signs you have poor mental health. Please do not hesitate before reaching out to your friends and family members for help.

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