5 Reasons to Watch Fairy Tale Drama This Ramadan

Pakistani Drama5 Reasons to Watch Fairy Tale Drama This Ramadan

Fairy Tale drama

Ramadan transmissions are becoming a thing in Pakistan. Every year, all the TV channels try to bring some entertaining Ramadan dramas to bring joy to the audience. Earlier, the content was new and people liked it. But, this time, maybe the writers are out of ideas. Amidst, Heer Da Hero, Teray Aany Se, and Chand Tara, the Fairy Tale drama are worth watching.

Reasons to Watch Fairy Tale Drama

There are many reasons to watch Fairy Tale than other Ramadan Dramas 2023. So, if you have not started watching it, take a look at the promo and read some of the reasons to watch the Fairy Tale drama.

Fresh Faces

Fairy Tale drama

The trend of Ramadan dramas started with Suno Chanda then followed by others like Chupke Chupke and Chuhdry and Sons. The makers tend to recast the same actors over and over again in the same roles. It gets quite boring for the audience to watch the same people doing the same roles again and again.

But, this is not happening in Fairy Tale. We have Sehar Khan, HAmza Sohail, Aena Khan, and Adnan Raza Mir. Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail have already worked in different Pakistani dramas but they are not too popular. Moreover, Aena Khan and Adnan Raza Khan are giving their debut performance with Fairy Tale. So, the viewers get to see some new spice in the dramas rather than the old repeating faces again and again.

Actors of Right Age

This drama is not about a rom-com between young cousins that ends up with a cast of annoyingly elder age. Surely, we don’t want to watch someone as mature as Ayeza Khan be a naive and young lover in the dramas. All four lead actors are new, young and juvenile for their roles and are working passionately on the screen.

Umeed’s Character

Fairy Tale drama

Umeed is the lead female character played by Sehar Khan. She is all goofy and fun on the screen. Sehar Khan is doing justice to this comic character through her innocent yet slick behaviour. She is enough to bring a smile to the faces of viewers because of her innocent silliness and fun energy.

Ali Safina

Ali Safina

Ali Safina is one of the best comic actors in our showbiz industry. The drama is far away from boring if only he is present in it. He can elevate the energy to another level with his comic timing and fun-loving nature. Whether it was Chupke Chupke, Paristaan, Annie Ki Aye Gi Baraat, or Kaal Doriya, he managed to keep the viewers laughing at his jokes. He is doing the same in Fairy Tale drama. His comedy is one of the prior reasons to watch the Fairy Tale drama.

The Adorable Dadi

Fairy Tale drama

Fairy Tale has an adorable character Dadi that is played by Hina Rizvi. No matter how hard Hina strives to present a villainous role, she does not seem to fit in it. Hina Rizvi is made to be all goofy and a sweetheart. Currently, she is a Dadi in the drama who is not so typical Dadi of Pakistani society. She knows what is right for her granddaughter and takes a stand for her to support her.

If you haven’t started watching Fairy Tale drama, you are having a major missing this Ramadan. So, hurry up and start watching it here.

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