5 Productive Activities to Do During Stay At Home


You must be getting bore of staying all the time at home following the critical situation caused by coronavirus across the world. The routine would be like, eat, sleep and repeat. Neither you can meet your friends nor can you go out to eat something. It’s all like trapped inside a cage. However, here we have compiled a list of productive activities for you to engage in during stay at home.


What can be better than such an activity which not only keeps your busy productively but also contributes to your fitness? We know that you can’t go to the gym these days but it doesn’t put a barrier to the idea as there are many ways you can exercise while staying at home. Try some push-ups, yoga, stretching exercises, jumping, exercises for legs, arms and tummy, sit-ups, and weightlifting. It is all up to your choice that which activity appeals to you better and is suitable for your fitness too. It also helps you release your stress and depression while letting you feel light all the time.


If you are not an artist, it doesn’t mean you cannot paint. Play with the colours of your choice on the canvas or even a sketchbook; go with the aimless painting to make it stress releasing activity. Even if you feel like a child, what can be better than going back to your childhood? You can use watercolors, poster colours and acrylic paints for the best results.


Busy routines disconnect one from the creative world inside the kitchen. However, it’s time for a revival. Go to your kitchen and explore the world. Try some delicious new recipes and make lunch as well as dinner for your family. Pasta recipes are always the easiest to try and tasty enough to make you lost in an unknown world. What about baking? A simply fantastic thing to do! Bake some cakes, cookies, pizza and anything you like. It will make you have a good evening tea.


Sit back in a cozy corner with a bowl of popcorns in your hand and watch interesting movies as well as seasons on Netflix. Money Heist, Sacred Games, Pretty Little Liars and many more seasons are waiting for you at Netflix. Watch the movies like The Irishman, Dolemite is My Name, El Camino and many more as per your choice. It would be making you spend your time very well.

Online Courses

It’s time to do something for a better future! Yes, you can take online courses including that for digital marketing, content writing, learning different languages, learning different tools, learning the techniques to earn online, SEO, social media management and everything you want to explore. There are a number of free online courses available on the internet and this way you can start with some of your own projects in the near future because this era demands individuality in all aspects and you cannot merely rely on your monthly salaries. So why not try something of your own after learning it properly?

So these are some of the best productive activities you can opt to spend this time with ease. Keep yourself busy and explore different aspects of your personality.

Mati-Ullah is the Online Editor For DND. He is the real man to handle the team around the Country and get news from them and provide to you instantly.

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