Cars with Good Fuel Average That You Should Consider


The automobile industries are the most successful. New and new developments are taking place in these industries. Tesla is also working on making self-driving cars. Whether it is a sedan or an SUV, cars are moving much rapidly. Now the world is moving towards hybrid cars, they are reasonable for the economy and also for the environment.  Because, the world needs cars with good fuel average as fuel is a non renewable resource and the fuel consumption is increasing day by day.

Cars With Good Fuel Average

The advantages of electric cars come at a heavy price. Aqua and Prius are cars worth more than twenty lac, that’s why everyone can’t afford these cars. So how do we save fuel? We can go for non-hybrid cars that give a good mode of fuel. Let’s have a look at cars with a good fuel average.

Suzuki Mehran

cars with good fuel average


This non-hybrid car is the cheapest and most widely used car in Pakistan. Its weight is very light and its spare parts can easily be found in the market. This car can easily cover a distance of 12 kilometers in a liter. 

Suzuki Cultus

cars with good fuel average

This could include VXR from 2007 and anything from 2004. This car is more comfortable and has more space than Mehran. And this can easily travel about 11 kilometers in just a liter. That’s why it’s on the list of non-hybrid cars.

Honda City

cars with good fuel average

Honda city is a 2011 and 2013 model. It is a suitable4 door-sedan with a roomy trunk and a comfortable drive. City is the most expensive car on the list of non-hybrid cars but as compared to hybrids it is still lower.  It has a 1.3 L engine which is tremendous for a sized car. This vehicle can easily cover a distance of about 11 to 12 km per liter. On the highway, it can travel almost 14 km.

Toyota Corolla

cars with good fuel average

Toyota Corolla is the most famous car. It can be driven about 11to12 kilometers in a liter and on the highway, it can cover 13 kilometers per liter.

Suzuki Alto

cars with good fuel average

It is a widely used car in Pakistan. It is very comfortable to drive, it can travel almost 10 to 12 kilometers in a liter while on the highway it can cover about 12 kilometers. 

So here is our list of Non-hybrid Car with a good average of fuel, hope you guys like this.

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