5 Latest J. Perfumes Collection You Should Try This Season

J. perfumes that you should not miss trying.


J. is undeniably one of the greatest brands in Pakistan. After a successful journey of selling one of the finest clothes, Junaid Jamshed introduced its fragrances. If you have ever wondered if you should try J. latest perfumes collection, here is something you should know. J. is offering some of the finest perfume fragrances that appeal to the most. Here, we have gathered the details of 5 of the latest J. perfumes to help you out deciding what you need.

5 Latest J. Perfumes


Latest J. Perfumes Collection - Intenso

If you are looking for a colon, Intenso will amuse you. This colon has a strong fragrance highly suitable for those who admire dominance in the room. The perfume comes in a classy packing and has a price of PKR 2,485.

J. Pour Homme

Latest J. Perfumes Collection

One of the finest J. perfumes is J. Pour Homme. The scent reflects a pleasant calfskin fragrance. Overall, the fragrance is strong in nature and highly suitable in most environments. The latest price of this amazing colon is PKR 2,900.

Wasim Akram

Another magnificent name in the list of the latest J. perfumes collection is Wasim Akram. Named after the iconic Pakistani bowler Wasim Akram, this unique scent comes with fruity elements combined with Cardamom. Moreover, the packing is in the form of a test cricket ball. If you want to buy it, you can find it for PKR 3,285.

Zarar Gold

Latest J. Perfumes Collection

This perfume needs no introduction as it is one of the most popular J. perfumes. With a charming fragrance, Zarar Gold is highly suitable for energetic and strong personalities. Whether you are an adult or a young boy, this scent will most likely appeal you equally well. The price tag on Zara Gold perfume by J. is PKR 2,385.

Dark Night

Latest J. Perfumes Collection

Specifically created for men, Dark Night has a freshness in fragrance with touches of citrus and lavender. If you want to walk in a room and get noticed, this is an optimum choice for you. You will also love the black packing of the perfume. Dark Night by J. is available at PKR 3,500.

The above mentioned 5 perfumes from the latest J. perfumes collection are worth trying. If you have already experienced using any of these, feel free to share your feedback in the comments.



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