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Pokémon Go Users are Angry at Niantic:


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past month, I am sure you would be aware of what exactly is Pokémon Go. Well, in a recent update, Niantic, the company who made the game, removed the game’s beloved tracking feature without any warning that has caused a massive outrage among the users of the app. Niantic, however, did release a public statement after 3 days the update went live but many people still criticized their lack of an earlier response along with the wording of their current one.

The Early Reviews of Suicide Squad are in and People are Angry at Rotten Tomatoes:

The early critic’s reviews for Suicide Squad were finally published and fans of DC comics were outraged to read that the movie sucked according to critics. The movie only managed to score a mere 33% on the popular movie rating website: Rotten Tomatoes. Many people cited the earlier example of Batman vs. Superman and stuck to their guns that most of these critics were biased. The whole ordeal has escalated to the point where DC fans are signing a petition to have Rotten Tomatoes shut down as a whole.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Bore Fruit:

Remember when people were throwing ice buckets over their heads and daring other people to do the same? Well in case you were unaware that was to raise awareness and research funds for the horrendous disease that is ALS. Unlike many other challenges on the internet this challenge actually managed to do some good as a recent breakthrough in identifying the gene that causes the disease was found thanks to the funding that was raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The International 6 is Underway:

The International is the yearly DOTA 2 tournament that is hosted by Valve with a prize pool that outshines that of any other esports that exists. This year the Dota community has pulled out all the stops and raised the prize pool of the tournament up to a whooping USD 19.5 Million (approx. and still growing) that will be divided among 16 teams with the winner of the competition bagging up to 8 million in cold hard cash.

2016: Year of Remakes & Reboots?

If you missed major news coming out of Sandiego Comic Con don’t worry, apart from a few interesting panels and cool kickass trailers, the rest was just news about rebooting franchises and old 80’s movies. As of right now, there has been a total of 107 movies that are currently going under a remake, some of these movies include: Batman (with Ben Affleck as Batman), Green Lantern, Blood Sport, Blair Witch Project, Ghost in the Shell, Akira and so on.

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