5 Fashion Brands Supporting Green Marketing in Pakistan


The Era of Green Marketing Is Here!

Environmental sustainability is becoming an effective strategy for businesses to create their market worth. In the fashion industry, sustainable fashion is making its way because of environmental consciousness. There is still a lack of awareness about green marketing in Pakistan. If this is the responsibility of producers to use environmentally friendly ways, it is also the responsibility of consumers to save the world.

To save the world consumers have to reconsider their purchasing practices. Here are some of the fashion brands that support green marketing in Pakistan.


Green marketing in Pakistan

For a few years, Generation has been adopting eco-friendly ways. They use organic cotton fiber to produce their clothes, there is minimum use of synthetic fiber and polyester fiber. In their campaign, ‘Sohni Dharti’, they targetted various environmental issues like water scarcity, deforestation, and pollution. They have introduced paper bags that can be reused and discarded the plastic shopping bags. The customers also have an option to customize their clothes from the leftover pieces.


Sapphire has brought an innovative idea for green marketing in Pakistan with its seed-infused paper bags. The bags are biodegradable which can be used reused and you can also tear them and add them to plants. The infused seeds promote vegetation and result in better environmental practices. This has impacted the consumer’s choice for choosing an environmentally friendly brand.


Green marketing in Pakistan

Everyone is aware of water scarcity in Pakistan and so is Levi’s. So, they have introduced a Water Less campaign. The farmers need less amount of water to grow cotton used in cloth manufacturing. It is an international brand and luckily has enough market worth but they are opting for these methods to be environmentally responsible.

Misha Lakhani

This clothing brand is working for women’s empowerment. They prefer hand-weaved designs for women like aari and zardozi. the traditional, rural women do this work. So, the environment stays healthy and women get opportunities.


Green marketing in Pakistan

Inaya, run by Naushaba Brohi is working to provide sustenance to rural women through craftmanship and better entrepreneurship. The articles produced are handmade and gives no harm to the environment.


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