Here Are The 5 Cars Under 5 Lacs In Pakistan That You Can Buy

In Pakistan, the majority of the middle class and lower middle class is unable to afford any car. If we look back into the years, car prices were reasonably controlled. One could easily plan to buy a sedan. However, with the passage of years, sedans, as well as hatchbacks, have gone way too out of hand. If you want to buy a new entry-level hatchback these days, you need to have about PKR 1.5 – 2 million. So, is there a way to find cheap cars now? Are there any cars under 5 lacs in Pakistan? If these are some of your questions, we are happy to share the answers with you.


Let’s have a look at 5 cars that you can buy under 5 lacs in Pakistan even today.

Cars Under 5 Lacs

Suzuki Margalla

Cars under 5 lacs in Pakistan

This iconic entry-level sedan from Suzuki is recognized as one of the first locally assembled sedans. If you are looking for a budget sedan, Margalla is still a considerable option today. You can easily find mechanics and workshops for maintenance.

Hyundai Santro

Cars under 5 lacs in Pakistan

This car needs no introduction among Pakistani car users. Hyundai Santro first surfaced in the country in 2000. The car received success in the local market from a technical as well as a design perspective. One of the plus points of Santro is that it is still seen on the roads. You can find a great option for Santro Plus and Santro Club under a 5 lacs budget.

Chevrolet Joy

Cars under 5 lacs in Pakistan

If you can recall the times from back in 2004, Chevrolet Joy was one of the eye-catchers in the town. Many consumers showed interest and purchased the car because it offered great value for money. The cabin size was also spacious as compared to other cars of the category. Although the car suffered in resales, it is still one of the fancy options to go with under 5 lacs.

Daihatsu Charade

Cars under 5 lacs in Pakistan

Charade is one of the most iconic hatchbacks Pakistan has ever seen. The car rose to immense popularity in the 90s. Offered both in petrol and diesel engines, Daihatsu Charade is still a worthwhile car to buy under 5 lacs. Moreover, you can easily modify the car with greater engine and interior detailing.

Suzuki Mehran

Cars under 5 lacs in Pakistan

Mehran needs no introduction at all. Although discontinued by the company, this hatchback has the most stable resale demand in the market. If you want a basic car with minimum trouble and maintenance costs, Mehran is an excellent option under a 5 lacs budget in Pakistan.




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