4 Innocent People died, while women were sexually harassed in rising of Naya Pakistan of Imran Khan


4 Innocent People died, while women were sexually harassed in rising of Naya Pakistan of Imran Khan

Lahore shutdown by PTI: over 18 places blocked by PTI workers across Lahore

A party that claims to form Naya Pakistan has no norms and respect for the lives of people who are living in the old Pakistan. 4 innocent people who were not taking any part in the current political standout gave up their life in Lahore Lock Down by PTI. On the other hand Shireen Mazari spoke out that we didn’t blocked way of any ambulance but in TV footage its very clear that PTI didn’t gave way to anyone today. PTI Goons forcefully blocked the roads and shut down the markets of Lahore which is a criminal act.

We all know that mass followers of PMLN are not well educated and belong to middle class and lower class but never heard of any such incidents in history of Pakistan. PTI Goons were not only responsible for the death of 4 innocent people but they were involve in eve teasing as well. When Sana Mirza was lashed with foul/dirty language it made a minor sense that GEO is anti PTI so it might be a reason but still it was not justified. But PTI goons got exposed when they sexually harassed young girls at chairing cross who were supporting PTI and was part of political Jalsa in Lahore.

So well educated people  are taking part in the building of Naya Pakistan by sexually harassing girls, blocking ambulances, and attacking reporters . I guess PTI was exposed badly today and nobody wants this sort of Naya Pakistan. On the other Imran Khan said that as people are annoyed with GEO TV that is the reason why Sana Mirza was attacked and lashed with dirty comments along with Ameen Hafeez.

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A senior tv anchor and journalist Asma Shirazi was also holding a stick to defend herself in such situations and tweeted


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