When 3G is coming to Pakistan?

3G Pakistan
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Today in Pakistan we have every kind of gadget in the market whether its latest Iphone or Nexus. But we lack at the end of telecom sector services as we are still relying on EDGE connectivity which is very slow and a battery hog in reality.

There is a good news for the smart phones lovers that the 3G proposal submitted by 3G consultants has finally been approved by  Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan. As per Ishaq Dar, the Finance Minister, government has decided to go with  auction of three 3G and two 4G licenses by the end of April 2014.

Mr. Dar confirmed the media personnel that a 3G license of 10Mhz block from 2100Mhz band will be as expensive as $295 million, while a 4G license of 10Mhz from 1800Mhz band would be priced  at $210 million.

As per our information  3G networks might not perform better than 2Mbps speed to the end users, while 4G operators will be offering  upto 100Mbps speeds on their particular networks.




When 3G is coming to Pakistan?

4G in  Pakistan?

3G Auction Licence Price

4G Licence Price

3G, 4G licencee

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