3 suspects arrested at the gate of Ghazi Airbase in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Intelligence authorities have foiled a bid to attack one of top important airbase of Pakistan and arrested three suspects from gate 3 of Ghazi Aviation Base near Islamabad who were riding in a white corolla car at early hours, reports Dispatch News Desk (DND).
Sources claim that suspects include Mazaam Tariq, Fahim and Liaqat Ali Khan were monitoring activities of law enforcement agencies at fate number 3 of Ghazi Base, a sensitive establishment of security forces of Pakistan.
Law enforcement agencies rounded up the area and arrested suspects and recovered 7 cell phones and one laptop from their possession and took them for interrogation.
It may mentioned that other important installations of Pakistan Army including GHQ in Rawalpindi, Mehran Navel Base in Karachi and Kamara Air Base had been under attack by Taliban in past.

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