26th, 27th Constitutional amendments bills introduced in NA

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: As many as two new constitutional amendment bills including the Constitution (26th amendment) Bill, 2017 and the Constitution (27th amendment) Bill, 2017 were introduced in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

Both the bills were introduced by Minister for Law and Justice and Climate Change Zahid Hamid in the House.

Giving the salient features of the Twenty-six constitution amendment, Zahid Hamid said the amendment aimed at restoring delegation of powers by the federal government to its officers or authorities subordinate which were omitted in 18th Constitutional amendment.

Amendments to Article 90, 99 and 139 were sought in the proposed bill.

The statement of objects and reasons of the Twenty-seven constitution amendment says the Parliamentary committee on Electoral Reforms (PCER) constituted by the Speaker pursuant to unanimous motions passed by the National Assembly and Senate formed a sub-committee consisting of representatives of the all the major political parties to examine and make recommendations regarding proposals for electrical reform received by the PCER.

The sub-committee has unanimously recommended an Electoral Reforms package comprising Draft Election Bill, 2017 and Draft Constitution (Twenty-seven Amendment) Bill, 2017.

Draft Election Rules, 2017 have also been suggested for consideration of ECP.

Some amendments in the Constitution specific to the ECP approved by the PCER have already been enacted through the Constitution (Twenty-second Amendment) Act, 2016. The remaining amendments recommended by the PCER included in the present bill.