2 million Ukrainians seeking jobs in Poland due to economic meltdown

Monitoring Desk: Economic slowdown, devolution of money, withdrawal of subsidies on several civic services and war in eastern Ukraine are compelling Ukrainians to leave their country to find job opportunities in neighbouring countries.

The Minister for Humanitarian Aid and Refugees of Poland, Beata Kempa confirmed that more than two million Ukrainian immigrants are working in the country (Poland).

“According to our estimates, Ukrainians in Poland are over two million. Of course, many of them are here in connection with the conflict in Ukraine”, said Beata Kempa.

“This is also an argument that we will submit to the European Commission in this battle, in which we will answer why we did not receive refugees during the preliminary distribution (the EU migration program – Ed.),”Kempa said.

The Minister stressed that Poland has no problems with the illegal influx of Ukrainian immigrants, and added that Ukrainians had a positive impact on the labor market. “They work responsibly. Unemployment has dropped to a record level, “she explained.

It should be said that in January the Ukrainian ambassador to Poland, Andrei Deshchitsa, stated that there are more than a million Ukrainian immigrants in Poland.

One US $ was equaling to eight Ukrainian Hryvnia in 2014 when political instability hit Kiev and former President compelled to run from country and new government was installed. Now one US $ is equal to 27 Ukrainian Hryvnia.

New Government under IMF pressure have withdrawn subsidy on several civic services and rates for gas and electricity have increased several time while pension and retirement system sent thousands of Ukrainian home to cut down pension bill.

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Main work market for Ukrainians before 2014 was Russia but now Ukrainian youth is trying to find their future in Europe and illegal immigration is one of the option to send money home because EU is yet to offer proper system to Ukrainian youth to find legal immigration for work.


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