2 attackers produced before media in Justice Maqbool attack

KARACHI:  The city police overnight presented two accused involved in the attack at Justice Maqbool Baqar, before the media both the miscreants confessed their guilt.

Presented before media around Sehri time, the accused Muawia said that it was Abu Bakr who pressed the button of remote-control in attack on Justice Maqbool Baqar, adding the motorcycle used in the attack was prepared at the residence of Bashir Leghari, who died in the police custody during his medical treatment.

The accused Abu Bakr also confirmed to have pressed the button remote-control.

Abu Bakr also revealed it was decided in the meeting with Bashir Leghari as to who will attack, adding mobile phones were taken during the meeting. Asif Chhotoo was also present on the occasion.

Criminals also confessed to have killed a lawyer on Mauripur Road.

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