1965 War Songs Pakistan Defence Day

By Sana Haroon


Patriotic songs not only represent the true sentiments of any nation but also motivate the people especially during the war times. These songs revive the sense of patriotism and spirit as well as motivate the fighting forces of a country. They act as a catalyst to stimulate and reflects the emotional zeal of true patriot. They evoke feeling of love for the motherland and bind the whole nation together.

Pakistan is fortunate in this regard as their artists played a vital part in the 1965 war since they effectively contributed and addressed the call of Pakistan. Top Artists that included Mehdi Hassan, Alam Lohar, Noor Jehan, Saleem Raza and others played their part and made the whole nation realized that Pakistanis as a nation will not be ill-willed by the designs of our enemy.

Various patriotic songs brought out the spirit during 17-day war against arch-rivals India and filled the hearts of soldiers as well as civilians with patriotic fervor. Not only had they motivated Armed forces of Pakistan in 1965 war but also made civilians determined when it came to defend their homeland.

Who could forget Queen of melody Noor Jehan. She was given a title of Malika-e-Tarranum for her services during war times. She recorded 12 songs during war. Songs which were broadcasted on Radio Pakistan during 1965 War included;

“Aye Watan Key Sajeelay Jawano” 

“Ae Mard e Mujahid Jaag Zara” 

“A Putter Hata Tey Ni Wekday” 

“Ae Rahe Haq Key Shaheedon” 

“Mere Dhool Sipaheeya” 

“Rang Laye Ga Shaheedon Ka Laho” 

“Yeh Hawaaon Key Musafir” 

“Umeed-e-Fatah Rakho” 

“Apni Jaan Nazar Karo” 

“Ab Fatah-e-Mubeen Hai”  

“Khitta-e-Lahore Tere Jaan Nisaaron ko Salaam” 

“Hum Haidery Hain”  

“Toheed Key Matwalon” 

“Ae Mard-Mujahid Jaag Zara-Allaho Akbar” 

“Jung Khed Nahi Hundi Zanaiyaan Di” 

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