19-year-old Tarun Bhatti – The Owner of 3 Companies

Blogs19-year-old Tarun Bhatti – The Owner of 3 Companies

In life, a lot of people spend their whole life wondering what it’s like to be that u want to be. Dreaming, working, and living the way u want to be. What’s it like to spend your day according to your liking according to your plans? Well, everyone thinks like that but only a few works to become like that

Tarun Bhatti, a young teen whose story will inspire you. It all started out when Tarun was just 15 years old. He used to run a Minecraft server. He didn’t come from a rich father. He was born in a middle-class family. But, instead of going with the flow and hoping things to work out. He starts dreaming, starts working, and starts achieving his goals. At first, he didn’t know what he was doing, but as time passed he started learning, he started earning, and he started growing, Working as a Minecraft server made him realize what he wants in life. He starts taking things seriously, he starts moving forward, and layout his plans when he starts getting paid.

   “Be proud but never satisfied”

Success and achievement are two different things. People think that if they have achieved something they’ve become successful. But! It’s not that simple

When you achieve something you become satisfied when you become satisfied you make no more effort, and when you make no more effort; you don’t achieve anything.

                                     “Man learns his whole life learning”

We all have heard this famous quote one time in life, but what does it mean exactly?

It means that: never be satisfied with your achievement, just be proud, if you want to. This is the right mindset if you want to be successful. Satisfaction stops you from achieving great things in life. Be humble or be proud but never settled for the rest, never be satisfied with yourself. Limitations are everywhere, in age, in time, and in life but that doesn’t matter, what matters is how you push your limits to achieve greatness. What makes you different? Are you doing something because of your interest or curiosity?

“Curiosity and purpose will lead you far away from where interest and enjoyment can’t take you. This was the mindset which helped Tarun achieve things in life”

                                      Owner of 3 Companies

Tarun Bhatti is now the founder of three Companies, this teen was born in July 2001. Now he’s 19 years old. He had this dream of opening his Companies since the age of 15.

As time passed when he started earning, he opened his three Companies in no time; Oleda Capital, WinRobux, and PriorPublic.

Oleada Capital is a company which provides investment in return of stake in companies, local business, online stores or any business type.

PriorPublic is a media agency that provides marketing services for businesses companies to grow

WinRobux is a collaboration with Agate media and Offertoro. It’s an advertising platform in which users do surveys on multiple apps which helps them gain Robux, which is a game currency for Roblox.

                                             What was his purpose?

Tarun Bhatti shares that when he started working as a Minecraft server, he didn’t know that it was the right idea or not. The only reason that kept him going was to achieve success in life. He took responsibility for himself from an early age and started supporting himself alone. Now, Tarun is on his own. He already has achieved his purpose of life and he still has big plans for his life.

He’s in a position where he can say that “I am proud of myself”, he’s not only supporting himself but also his family at such a young age, which is truly an inspiration.

                                      What do we learn from his story?

His story proves that no matter who you are, and no matter where u come from, u just need a dream to accomplish success in life. Some people are not rich because of money, some people are rich because of their dreams. Some people are not successful because they were lucky, some people are successful because they worked hard. If u want to be successful don’t wait for an opportunity, all u need is extreme discipline, determination, and work ethic.

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