1,650 persons tested Covid-19 positive in Pakistan on November 8 while 9 people lost lives due to Covid-19 during the last 24 hours

Islamabad, Pakistan: As many as 1650 people tested Covid-19 positive in Pakistan on November 8 while 9 people lost lives due to Covid-19 during the last 24 hours. Total number of deaths due to Covid-19 in Pakistan is 6,977.

On November 9, 2020, Chief secretaries of provinces updated Centre looking after Covid-19 on administrative measures on fresh guidelines in higher positivity ratio cities in their respective provinces particularly administrative measures and enforcement efforts regarding face mask-wearing and arrangements for outdoor weddings modalities to ensure fresh health guidelines. Forum noticed that


The positivity ratio in major cities increasing rapidly. Overall nationwide 4.5 % positivity ratio in the country.

Eight persons died in hospital and one died out of the hospital on 8 November. The total Active COVID CASES in Pakistan 18,981 as of 9 Nov

33,340 tests conducted on November 8, 2020.


Sindh: 14,343

Punjab: 9,406

KP: 4,052


ICT: 4,065

Balochistan: 634

GB: 379

AJK: 461

318,881 persons recovered so far across Pakistan making it a significant count.

There is no patient on ventilators in AJK, GB & Balochistan.

155 ventilators occupied across Pakistan out of 1856 ventilators allocated for COVID-19.

A total of 344,839 cases detected so far (AJK 4,758, Balochistan 16,106, GB 4,366, ICT 21,861, KP 40,657, Punjab 106922, Sindh 150,169)

Sindh: 2,684 (4 died in hospital and 1 died out of hospital on 8 Nov)

Punjab: 2,408 (1 died in hospital on 8 Nov)

KP: 1,288 (-)

ICT: 241 (3 died in hospital on 8 Nov)

Balochistan: 154 (-)

GB: 93 (-)

AJK: 109 (-)

4,709,603 tests conducted

736 hospitals with Covid-11 facilities with 1,107 patients admitted across the country.

15 major cities across Pakistan have a higher positivity ratio:

Hyderabad is having highest positivity ratio in Pakistan with 16.59 % positivity ratio, Gilgit 15.38 % , Multan 15.97 % , Muzafarabad 14.12 % , Mirpur 11.11% , Peshawar 9.69%, Quetta 8.03%, Islamabad 7.48 %, Karachi 7.12% , Lahore 5.37 % and Rawalpindi 4.63%

The forum was informed that 4136 Micro small lockdowns are in place across Pakistan. TTQ strategy is being used for disease control and prevention of Covid spread. The forum was informed that recent health guidelines will remain to enforce in 16 Major cities till 31 Jan 2021.

The forum was apprised that 2811 oxygenated beds were included to ramp up hospitals capacity and Over 13,000 oxygen cylinders were issued to various provinces / federating units. NCOC appreciated the efforts of provinces for taking prompt and necessary measures in line of health guidelines for public safety and well being.

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