13 gas exploration licenses granted in 2021, Senate told

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: The Ministry of Energy (Petroleum Division) granted 13 gas exploration licenses during the Calendar Year 2021 as part of efforts to find indigenous gas reserves to meet the growing demand.


Replying to a question by Senator Mohammad Humayun Mohmand, the Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar apprised the Senate in writing on Friday that the gas demand in the Country increases manifolds during the winter season due to the enhanced gas consumption with the use of geysers and room heaters.

While on the other hand, input from indigenous gas fields is continuously on a decline due to the natural depletion of the existing gas fields.

The minister said that this increased consumption, especially by the high priority domestic sector, widens the supply and demand gap.

Hammad Azhar told that the difference of total demand viz available indigenous gas is bridged through the diversion of Regasified-Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG), so as to meet the additional demand of the domestic sector.

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The House was further told that Sui Companies are likely to face a serious challenge of supply-demand imbalance during the winter. It was told that low-pressure issues may, however, surface during peak winter days especially in the areas at tail, ends of the gas distribution network.

The minister told that Sui Companies’ field team shall remain vigilant and available around the clock to address low-pressure issues if any. He reaffirmed that the government shall endeavor to supply gas to all the sectors especially to high priority domestic and commercial sectors.

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