Do we need enemies while having friends like Ashraf Ghani?

Do we need enemies while having friends like Ashraf Ghani?

By Agha Iqrar Haroon

Afghan President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani while addressing at one of the oldest Think Tank of Europe —- the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) London on Thursday evening holds Pakistan responsible for almost every ill Afghanistan is facing today.

Afghan President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani claims that terrorism in his country comes from Pakistan. He blames Pakistan for habouring leadership of Taliban. He accuses Pakistan for trembling government in Kabul.  He demanded world to respond against Pakistan and painted Pakistan as a witch who wishes to destroy his homeland that is otherwise a garden of flowers and fruits. My friend Raza Syed who was present in the event was almost shocked to listen what Afghan President Ghani was saying about Pakistan.

This is not the first time when Afghan President blames Pakistan for terrorism within his country but this time he directly targets leadership of Pakistan Army claiming that he went to General Headquarters of Pakistan Army in Rawalpindi and met with the top brass of Army and shared “detail information” about those Taliban who according to him were (are) living in Quetta and other places.

He claimed that no action had been taken place against Taliban and terrorists who had been (have been) living inside Pakistan. He further indicated (without using specific words) that Pakistan was responsible for bad law and order situation of Afghanistan as Taliban leadership was sponsored by Pakistani establishment.

He did not deliver this speech at Afghan Parliament rather he was addressing at RUSI Whitehall. It may be mentioned that RUSI is an independent think tank working in London that was founded in 1831 by the Duke of Wellington and it embodies nearly two centuries of forward thinking, free discussion and careful reflection on defence and security matters. This platform is “very serious” and is being considered as one of the important Think Tanks of Europe.

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I still remember his some previous speeches including one he delivered at Afghan Parliament on March 6, 2016 in which he said “Pakistan is in undeclared war with Afghanistan”.

Then again in last week of April, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani while addressing joint session of Parliament blamed Pakistan for failed talks with Taliban and said:

“Those who have failed to implement their commitments within this international framework or have been unwilling to implement them, are isolated more than ever today.”

In response, Pakistan Foreign Office released a soft rejoinder that said:

“Pakistan condemns all forms and manifestations of terrorism and it is committed in the fight against his menace. Pakistan itself is the biggest victim of terrorism in which thousands of our security personnel have sacrificed their lives. Pakistan hosted the first round of direct talks between Afghan government and Taliban but Pakistan alone is not responsible for bringing the Taliban back to the negotiating table”.

I believe that Pakistan has lion’s heart that accept all allegations and abuses those come from Kabul. I also believe that Pakistan is a selfless country and its foreign policy is based only on “pleasing Afghans”.

I remember a piece of poetry of great thinker, philosopher and poet who also enjoys the status of “National Poet”—-Allama Dr. Muhammad Iqbal whose personality and poetry pushed me to philosophy department of Government College Lahore where he had been studying and teaching.  One can understand that I love and follow his messages religiously.

In one of his Nazms titled Ghulam Qadir Ruhela (Bang-e-Dra-131), he expresses how a nation forgets, leaves and “lost” its self respect and ego. Taking idea of this Nazm from a historical event regarding the fall of Mughals, he writes:

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Magar Ye Raaz Akhir Khul Gya Sare Zamane Par

But at last this secret has dawned to the whole world

Hamiyyat Naam Ha Jis Ka, Gyi Taimoor Ke Ghar Se

Concern for honor has departed from Taimur’s household.”

Are we character of this Nazm?

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