10 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan to peruse in 2020

When we talk about Job, it doesn’t mean to be employed somewhere but a freelance counts as a job too. So, if you are looking for the 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan 2020highest paying jobs in Pakistan to pursue in 2020, here is a list of 10 highly paid jobs.

When we talk about Job, it doesn’t mean to be employed somewhere but a freelance counts as a job too. So, if you are looking for the 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Pakistan 2020highest paying jobs in Pakistan to pursue in 2020, here is a list of 10 highly paid jobs.



10 Highest Paying Jobs In Pakistan List

The start of 2020 not only means the start of a new decade but the start of a new era. With the start of this year, the job market has changed as well. The technology has now taken the lead and is replacing the conventional jobs this year onward. If you are someone looking to get paid well, especially those who are interested in freelancing for international clients, this article is for you.

Let us tell you 10 highest paying jobs in Pakistan that are in-demand 

Blockchain Developers


The cryptocurrency is the new name of the game, and even in countries like Pakistan, people are investing big into it. From Bitcoin to beyond, Blockchain developers are already big and the forecast has it, from mid-2020 onwards, the chances of jobs booming in the industry are extreme.

Physical Therapist

Long gone are the days, when only MBBS was the most IT job in the medical industry. Since 2019, the demand for a physical therapist has increased and it is only predicted to increase with time. As people are becoming more and more aware of their physical health and are interested in investing in their body, physical therapy is becoming the new health fad. Fad? Not so much!

Digital & Video Marketeer

The digital industry is at its highest. The jobs in the digital marketing industry are popping up every day, and with the increase in popularity of digital video content, video marketing has become famous. The industry is becoming fiercely competitive, hence those who are good in the video marketing skills are in the watchlist of employers these days.

Cybersecurity Manager


Cybersecurity Project Management has been termed as one of the four most in-demand jobs by many of the experts. Luckily, Pakistan is also becoming interested in this field, so more and more jobs are opening here too. Moreover, if you are a freelancer, you can also work for international clients and earn double and triple to what you earn here. The prospect of it is super strong.

Fintech Professionals

The Fintech industries are exploding. The financial sector is expected to outgrow the other industries, and obviously, that can only be done if people are working. For the past two years, the financial services have grown by a great margin and are expected to grow further. If you are a tech geek who is all about finance, we see jobs coming your way left, right and center.

Legal Staff

The lawyers, legal support staff, and paralegals with active practice will be the most sought-after this year. The legal knowledge is increasing around the world, hence more companies and businesses are interested in hiring the professionals to look after their legal matters. If you are pursuing law, you definitely took a great decision.

Social Media Marketing

Need we say more? Almost all the businesses out there in the world are on social media and need strategists, moderators, managers, marketers, and analysts to run them. Therefore, it goes without saying that those who have the relevant skillsets will be required by all industries across all the sectors. This is one job you don’t need a specialized degree for, and can also freelance for multiple clients across the world. Needles to say, your cheque can be hefty at the end of the month.

Developers, Computer Engineers & Data Scientists

You don’t have to work in a tech company to get hired as a techie. There are countless tech startups and companies around the world who are looking for developers and engineers to work for them. Again, with the boom on the internet and IT, these jobs aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they have made themselves prominent in the list of most valuable, in-demand, highly paid, and prestigious jobs in the world.

Aerospace Engineers

The aerospace and aviation industry also makes it to our top 10 highest paying jobs in the Pakistan list. With space exploration ventures increasing in numbers, the need to have proactive experts in the field is also significant. Hence, if dealing with planes or flying up rockets was always your dream, it was a good and worthy one.

Teachers with Doctoral Degree

If you are a teacher, have research experience with a doctoral degree, opportunities are endless for you. The educational institutes around the world are valuing teachers with doctoral degrees and research experience. Those who fit in both are being provided with international opportunities and a hefty paycheque every month.

These were some of the most in-demand jobs for this year onward that offer the highest salaries in Pakistan. Keep in mind the jobs are in no particular order, as all of these are significant one way or the other. So, if you do not fall into any of these categories, it might be time to upgrade your skillset. The above-mentioned jobs are not only famous globally but they are the highest paying jobs in Pakistan as well.

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