8 Best HeavyBikes for Pakistanis in 2023 | Complete Information

Bikes in Pakistan8 Best HeavyBikes for Pakistanis in 2023 | Complete Information

Riding with style on one of those classy bikes with a bunch of biking fellows. If we just pictured your dream, let us make it real. The motorcycle enthusiasts like you and I never get enough of our biking passion. As a responsible motorcycle rider, it is crucial to guide newcomers in making the best bike choices in the early years. Hopping on a heavy one directly may not be a good idea. The great news is there are plenty of motorbikes around the globe that can effectively meet your passion. I have extensively researched some of the best beginner bikers in the current timeline. This post is for everyone who wants to start riding motorcycles and become a pro. The list of the ten best motorcycles for beginners in 2023 can give you all the information you need as a new passionate rider.

Best Bikes for Beginners in 2023

Here is a list of the best bikes for beginners you should explore before making a choice.

Honda Rebel 500

Launched first in the 80s, the Honda Rebel 500 has a distinctive presence in the global market. The smooth ride and decent seat position make it a good option for beginners. A plus side of buying the Rebel 500 for your dream cruising is its ergonomics. The bike is equally fit for short and tall bike riders. The six-speed 500cc bike can happily accommodate beginners and pro riders alike. You may check the official brand websites or dealership locations to buy it. Rest assured, it is one of the best motorcycles for beginners in 2023.

Best Motorcycles for Beginners

Honda CB500X

Going up the list, you can consider the Honda CB500X. A mid-weight yet versatile bike that can effectively meet your riding demands as a beginner. The upright riding style, a 491cc engine, and comfortable suspension exceed your expectations. Ride it through the narrowest streets or cruise on broad roads to enjoy the pleasurable CB500X experience. Check out your nearby Honda CB500X dealerships to get your hands on it.

Best Motorcycles for Beginners

Kawasaki Ninja 400

Kawasaki needs no introduction. The brand simply wins you in the heavy bike segment. What gives it a distinguished status in the competitive market is its ability to incorporate style into lightweight bikes for beginners. Some passionate individuals hold on to the idea of getting their hands on a heavy bike from the start. The Ninja 400 is their chance to fulfil their riding dreams. Kawasaki is known for its superior quality, excellent aftermarket services, and impressive performance figures. This 399cc bike can be a perfect graduation gift. Check out your nearby local dealerships for the bike price and more details.

Best Motorcycles for Beginners

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield is a North American brand with an extraordinary motorbike gift for beginners. The brand has exceeded expectations for its impressive performance, comfortable design, and decently positioned seat. As the name suggests, you can definitely take it to the hillsides where steep terrains await you. But I prefer getting to know this bike first. You can drive it around the neighbourhood to know how the clutch and the throttle go. Not to mention, the 411cc engine is a good kick of thrill for a beginner. Visit your nearby Royal Enfield dealerships to get the bike price and more information.

KTM 390 Adventure

If you are a BMW fan, KTM 390 Adventure may instantly remind you of the same excellence. The brand has gained much attention due to its ability to incorporate power and quality into a lightweight bike frame. As the name indicates, the KTM 390 Adventure is an adventure-oriented motorcycle and one of the best motorcycles for beginners. Take it out for a spin and perfect your skills on the comfortable bike. Feel free to visit your nearby KTM or other bike dealerships to find this impressive piece.

Honda CB300R

The compact rider from Honda has everything that a beginner looks for in a bike. The Honda CB300R is a mid-range bike that essentially fulfills the demands of a heavy bike. If you need a bike with moderate power, a stylish body, and an impressive design, the CB300R is all you need. The 286cc engine gives you a quick push on the roads. The comfortable seat doesn’t get in the way of your stylish ride. An easy-to-maintain bike with modern features, the CB300R can be your ideal pick as a beginner. Check out your nearby Honda dealerships to get every bit of information about this bike.


Getting closer to the top of the list, we can never forget the BMW G310 GS. This small displacement version of the bigger R80 GS quickly grabbed the fans’ attention after its launch. The exciting thing about this powerhouse is its versatility. Take it on clean roads or dirt patches; the G310 GS will not disappoint you. It features a 313cc single-cylinder engine capable of highways and off-road alike. Spin it around when you head to the BMW bike dealerships in your area to know what’s under the tank.

Suzuki GSX250R

As one of the oldest lineups in the motorbike industry, the GSX series from Suzuki has quite a reputation around the globe. This wonder bike has everything to impress a modern-day rider, from class to performance. The 250cc engine doesn’t let you feel the downstep from 600cc bikes in the same series. A comfortable seat for an (almost) heavy bike is an added gift. Drop by your nearby Suzuki dealership to get more information and your hands on this bike.

Best Motorcycles for Beginners

We hope the above list of the best motorcycles for beginners helps you choose yours.

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